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Blog August 02, 2023

Food Insecurity

How can we anticipate food crises? Some key principles proposed by a consortium of organizations

Four key principles proposed by FAO, WFP and GNAFC for a successful operationalization of anticipatory action to curb food insecurity trends.

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Blog July 13, 2023

Dialogue Platform

Reaching new heights on anticipatory action: reflections from the EWEA Future Leaders Network

Members of the EWEA Future Leaders Network share their thoughts on the in-person part of the 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform, which took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 13 to 15 June 2023.

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Blog July 05, 2023

Early Warning System, Gender & Inclusion

How to comprehensively integrate protection, gender and inclusion in anticipatory action: a case study from Nepal

This blog post shares a case study that showcases how anticipatory action, with a strong focus on protection, gender and inclusion, is having a remarkable impact in Nepal.

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Blog July 05, 2023

Forecast, Science

El Niño: FAQs for the anticipatory action community

El Niño conditions are now present and expected to strengthen in the Pacific Ocean. This blog answers some frequently asked questions about El Niño and explores what it means for the anticipatory …

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Blog July 04, 2023

Dialogue Platform

Two formats, one focus: the 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform

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Blog June 15, 2023

Advocacy, Early Action

Strengthening Haiti's capacity to face floods and hurricanes with anticipatory action

The World Food Programme (WFP) recently hosted a workshop in Haiti to raise awareness of anticipatory actions that can reduce the risks associated with floods and hurricanes.

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Blog May 31, 2023

Evidence, Scaling up

Anticipatory Action In 2022: A Global Overview - your questions answered

The Anticipation Hub’s new report, Anticipatory Action in 2022: A Global Overview, captures the current state of anticipatory action around the world. There were many questions about the report …

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Blog May 11, 2023

Early Warning System, Evidence, Science

Are we stating the facts? Tracing the origins of early warning statistics

Statistics can take on a life of their own, often being repackaged and rephrased so many times it is almost impossible to trace them back to their original source. In this blog, Dr Liz Stephens …

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