Submitted by Rebeka Ryvola de Kremer
6 Oct 2023

A collective vision tapestry: an anticipatory action artwork for the Global Dialogue Platform

The tapestry-inspired artwork for the Global Dialogue Platform was created with the aim of challenging our current conception of anticipatory action; questioning divisions and links between individuals, communities, institutions; and exploring our evolving relationships with climate and the environment. The creation of the piece was not a solitary endeavour, but a dialogue in itself, and some of that dialogue is shared here.

Advancing systems-thinking

Catalina Jaime, who leads the Climate and Conflict Division at the Climate Centre, contributed key insights to the tapestry's narrative. She emphasized that anticipatory action should go beyond individual households to encompass larger systems, such as states, markets and networks. Her vision includes safeguarding everyone, even those impacted by violence and displacement.

In the tapestry, these complex ideas about systems dynamics and collective knowledge are symbolized through interconnected yet fragmented pieces. Additionally, the tapestry aims to illustrate the principles of 'doughnut economics', a concept by Kate Rayworth. This economic model advocates for meeting everyone's basic needs without exceeding the Earth's ecological limits. The tapestry seeks to show how these principles can be applied in the field of anticipatory action, highlighting the intricate relationships across different scales and their ecological implications.

Rethinking anticipatory action

Sajanika Sivanu, a technical advisor at the Climate Centre, shared important insights on what effective anticipatory action should entail. She advocates for a 'no-regrets approach’, which is financially supported by developed countries. This approach not only focuses on immediate actions to mitigate climate risks, but also addresses underlying issues such as the social inequalities that make people more vulnerable to climate change.

In the tapestry, these ideas are artistically represented through nesting-doll characters. These characters encourage viewers to recognize the communities that both benefit from and contribute significantly to the Anticipation Hub network. These communities often lack representation in professional discussions about anticipatory action.

The ultimate goal is for the community focused on anticipatory action to continually evolve. The aim is to integrate crisis preparation and response with broader efforts to tackle social and justice issues, from local communities to the global stage.

The nuance of hope and realism

Kara Devonna Siahaan, the head of the Anticipation Hub, emphasized a crucial aspect for the artwork: the importance of infusing it with elements of hope, brightness and lightness. While the art serves as a backdrop for the Global Dialogue Platform and addresses serious topics like social inequalities and power imbalances, Kara believed it should also uplift and inspire those who see it. Her guidance influenced the creation of an artwork that subtly suggests avenues for collaborative solutions.

The collective tapestry

The artwork serves as both a symbol for the collaborative weaving that will happen at the 2023 Global Dialogue Platform and a visual representation of a people-centred vision for the future. When you see it throughout the Dialogue Platform spaces, please consider it as an invitation to take a moment to contemplate what radical anticipatory action looks like to you.