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Blog March 24, 2022


Protecting children through anticipatory action based on Household Economy Analysis

Anticipatory action is only possible when an appropriate system is in place: for using data and forecasting information, analysing risks and predicting the impacts. Household Economy Analysis is a …

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Blog March 23, 2022

Gender & Inclusion

Integrating protective, gender-transformative and inclusive approaches into anticipatory action: snapshots from Nepal

Protection, gender and inclusion are crucial to ensuring that anticipatory action does not exacerbate the vulnerabilities of the people it aims to help. Drawing on experiences in Nepal, this article …

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Blog March 18, 2022


How can we mainstream anticipatory action in disaster risk-management systems?

The anticipatory action community has limited experience of integrating this approach into national disaster risk-management systems. Recent research by the ForPAc project in Kenya identifies ways …

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Blog March 17, 2022

Cash & Voucher, Conflict

Anticipating vital issues around cash in the response to the Ukraine crisis

Conflict drives 80 per cent of all humanitarian needs globally, but anticipatory action – including cash and voucher assistance - can help to alleviate these. This article identifies four criteria …

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Blog March 16, 2022

Social Protection

Anticipatory action, shock-responsive social protection and cash transfers in ASEAN: what are we learning and where do we go next?

Anticipatory action and shock-responsive social protection are currently enjoying centre stage in humanitarian and development discussions. But what we have learned in recent years – and where do we …

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Blog March 11, 2022

Early Warning System

What does the latest climate science mean for anticipatory action?

The recent IPCC climate report focused on both impacts and solutions - and anticipatory action was one of the solutions most commonly cited. This is inspiring, but also leaves us with tough …

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Blog March 07, 2022

Early Action

Anticipatory action for cold waves in Bangladesh

Cold waves regularly hit northern Bangladesh, often with severe impacts. But they are an overlooked disaster, with few humanitarian agencies tackling the impacts. To address this, the Start Fund …

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Blog February 10, 2022

Early Action

The best people for the job: what local organizations do differently

This blog outlines the evidence of how a local organization is able - by virtue of being local - to provide more relevant solutions to assist communities affected by crises.

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