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In this section of the Anticipation Hub you can find advocacy materials and resources to support and guide your anticipatory action advocacy efforts.  

In our sub-tabs you can: 

  • Access key policy and advocacy messages  
  • Learn about key policy events and outcomes 
  • Collate success stories 
  • Understand the role of different policy initiatives  

These materials are expected to guide your advocacy efforts to mainstream anticipatory action within and beyond the humanitarian system. They should help you to draft speaking points on anticipatory action for your events and activities, help you identify key events to get your message across, support you in demonstrating the effectiveness of anticipatory action including the lessons learnt, and facilitate connections to other initiatives in particular the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) and the Anticipatory Action Task Force to amplify our joint advocacy engagement.

Promoting and sustaining policy and advocacy on anticipatory action is the third Strategic Priority of the Anticipation Hub - read more in our Strategy here

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Nikolas Scherer, PhD.

Advisor for Policy and Advocacy on Anticipation and Disaster Risk Financing

German Red Cross

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