New methodologies and ways of working are developed to provide guidance and resources by a variety of organizations and institutions globally. These tools enable practitioners to design, set up and implement anticipatory action strategies and practices. In this section you will find existing manuals, guidance, guides across a variety of topics related to FbF. 

In this section you will be able to find resources and tools to learn and apply Anticipatory Action.


The FbF Practitioners Manual has been developed based on the lessons and experiences of FbF projects globally, making this manual a living document. As FbF grows, so too will the range of good practices and sub-chapters of guidance on offer. Learn more about the FbF Practitioners Manual. 

The Start Network has developed a series of Anticipatory Action and Disaster Risk Financing guidelines to support their 41 NGOs members. Learn more.

United Nations agencies including WFP, FAO, OCHA (Centre for Humanitarian Data) have developed a series of guidelines for the set up and implementation of Anticipatory Action systems.

Other guidelines are coming soon.

Please note that our website content is being continuously updated as we receive information from our partners.

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