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Early Action, Scaling up

What scale up Disentangling the institutional enablers and barriers for early action

On 10 November 2021, at a Development and Climate Days session organised by the Anticipation Hub and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, humanitarian actors, governments, donors and others …

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Blog November 15, 2021

Compound risk

Multi-hazard risk analysis methodologies

This study is conducted in collaboration with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, and 510. A study into multi-hazard risk methodologies has been conducted as part of a project commissioned by …

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Blog November 05, 2021

Early Warning System, Forecast

The need for medium-range forecasting in early warning systems to improve risk outcomes

This blog is a summary of the article ‘Creating resilient communities with medium-range hazard warning systems’. Read more.

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Blog November 01, 2021

Impact-based Forecasting

IBF Dengue portal from emergency response to early detection and prevention

510 developed the Impact Based Forecasting (IBF) Dengue Portal in order to predict which areas are prone to dengue outbreaks and thus to mitigate their impact. Read more here.

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Blog October 12, 2021

What can Africa learn from other countries about combatting severe floods

This blog shares insights from a PhD researcher about how Africa can learn from other countries to collaboratively improve forecasting, preparation and early action ahead of flood events.

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Blog September 28, 2021

Impact-based Forecasting

Impact Based Forecasting for typhoons in the Philippines

From an initiative started by volunteers, to interagency adoption

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Women receive dignity kit
Blog September 15, 2021

Gender & Inclusion

Mitigating gender-based violence risks: how anticipatory action supports safety and access to services for women and girls

In disasters, women and children are 14 times more likely to die than men. This can be due to a range of factors. To unleash this potential, gender analyses of vulnerabilities and coping strategies …

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Blog September 14, 2021

Food Insecurity

Forecast-based financing for drought in Niger

To enhance communities’ resilience to drought, and to increase their food and nutritional security, the Niger Red Cross is implementing forecast-based financing for droughts in the Zinder region. …

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