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Blog August 09, 2022

Early Action, Scaling up

First national dialogue on anticipatory action held in Nepal

Earlier this year, Nepal held its first national dialogue about anticipatory action. Delegates assessed the current status of this approach in the country – and also began to shape its future.

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Blog August 01, 2022

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Evidence, Lessons Learnt, M&E

How does anticipatory action contribute to building resilience?

The immediate aim of anticipatory action is to reduce the immediate impacts of disasters. But evidence from Bangladesh highlights different ways in which investments in this approach can also help …

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Blog July 07, 2022

Dialogue Platform, Networks & Conferences

Reflections on the 5th Africa Dialogue Platform

The 5th Africa Dialogue Platform was the largest to date, with more than 400 participants joining over the three days. Kiswendsida Guigma, forecast-based financing technical advisor at the Climate …

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Blog July 05, 2022

Early Warning System, Food Insecurity, Forecast, Science

Information and evidence in Yemen: a case for using predictive analytics and cross-sector collaboration for anticipatory action

Anticipatory action relies on high-quality data, but obtaining such data in crisis situations is rarely straightforward. Can predictive analytics – including the use of artificial intelligence and …

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Blog July 04, 2022

Evidence, Food Insecurity, M&E

Integrating community voices in anticipatory action: a synthesis of complex qualitative data

The ‘window of opportunity’ – the period in which people can act ahead of a crisis – varies within countries. How can anticipatory action practitioners ensure they hit this window and provide the …

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Blog July 04, 2022

Early Action, Early Warning System

Ready, steady, go: forecast-based financing in Sudan

Introducing forecast-based financing in Sudan, aiming to protect lives and livelihoods in the event of imminent flooding – and before the river water overflows its banks.

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Blog July 01, 2022

Early Action, Future leaders, Scaling up

Connect, inspire and empower - young professionals’ reflections on the Multi-hazard Early Warning Conference and Global Platform on DRR

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Blog June 25, 2022

Are you ready? Anticipatory action picks up speed at the Global Platform on DRR

A recap on what has happened on anticipatory action at the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in Bali in May 2022.

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