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Blog December 15, 2023

Conflict, Emerging Topics

Reconciling humanitarian principles with anticipatory action ahead of conflict in Kenya and Nigeria

As anticipatory action grows, there is a pressing need to assess, interpret and contextualize its ethical challenges, especially in terms of adhering to the four humanitarian principles. What is at …

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Blog November 29, 2023

Disaster Risk Financing, Lessons Learnt

Uncovering the gaps: analysis of disaster-risk financial flows in Kenya from 2016 to 2022

Recent research shows that Kenya’s disaster risk management architecture is well established. But what is the bigger picture regarding overall financial flows for disasters - and are we financing …

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Blog November 24, 2023

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Early Warning System, Food Insecurity, Social Protection

Anticipating drought in Timor-Leste

In October 2023, FAO Timor-Leste activated its Anticipatory Action Protocol for Agricultural Drought related to the El Niño phenomenon. In this blog, Edward Parkinson shares some background on the …

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Blog November 13, 2023

Early Warning System, Earth Observation, Evidence, Future leaders, Impact-based Forecasting, Science

Registro y catalogación de amenazas y sus impactos: balances, retos y perspectivas

Recientemente, ha crecido el interés por registrar no sólo la escala de los fenómenos meteorológicos de gran impacto, sino también sus repercusiones geográficas y sus consecuencias en la dinámica …

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Blog November 13, 2023

Early Warning System, Earth Observation, Future leaders, Impact-based Forecasting, Science

Recording and cataloguing hazards and their impacts: balances, challenges and perspectives

Recently, there has been growing interest in recording not only the scale of high-impact meteorological events, but also their geographical impacts and consequences on social dynamics. During a …

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Blog November 13, 2023

Early Action, Lessons Learnt

Listening to those in crisis: understanding perspectives on anticipatory action in Ethiopia

Between May and October 2021, five UN agencies provided anticipatory assistance to populations in Ethiopia to help them cope with the predicted impacts of the ongoing drought. This blog presents …

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Blog October 13, 2023

Scaling up

Pathways towards a Pacific-owned anticipatory action model

A recent report explores the entry points for anticipatory action within the Pacific region and identifies the potential barriers facing practitioners tasked with its implementation.

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Blog October 06, 2023

Early Action

Early warning early action is the hot topic – but are we doing enough to reduce long-term risk?

We have seen great progress on the early warning early action agenda. But while there is much progress to celebrate, we still have a lot to do.

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