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The first Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Dialogue Platform takes place from 10 to 12 July 2024 in Dubai, UAE, and registration is now open.

Start planning for the 12th Global Dialogue Platform

The 12th Global Dialogue Platform will take place in Berlin and online from 22 to 24 October 2024 and you can register your interest in taking part now.

Ecuador advances with its roadmap for the integration of anticipatory action

More than 130 people gathered for Ecuador's first National Dialogue Platform, with the aim of advancing a roadmap for anticipatory action in the country.

Anticipatory Action in 2023: A Global Overview

The Anticipation Hub publishes its second overview of anticipatory action worldwide, showing several encouraging trends compared to the figures from 2022.

Bangladesh acts ahead of a heat wave

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society activated its Early Action Protocol for Heatwave in Dhaka on 21 April 2024.

Blog May 16, 2024

Early Action, Lessons Learnt

The first official anticipatory action activation in Burundi

Extreme rainfall events and flooding are devastating hazards in Burundi. In October 2023, extreme rainfall was forecast for the country, leading to the the first anticipatory action activation. This …

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Blog April 18, 2024

Early Action, Early Warning System, Impact-based Forecasting

AWARE: a digitally enabled governance platform for effective anticipatory action ahead of climate shocks

As the climate crisis worsens, at-risk countries need anticipatory action to cope with the devastating impacts. ClimBeR’s AWARE platform is helping countries including Senegal and Zambia to protect …

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Blog April 15, 2024

Early Warning System, Emerging Topics, Trigger Development

Citizens as hazard forecasters: how citizen science can strengthen anticipatory action

There is a small but growing number of examples of citizen science playing an active role in anticipatory action and early warnings. Can - and should - it play a greater role in the data used for …

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Blog April 08, 2024

Cash & Voucher, Social Protection

Linking Nepal’s social protection programmes with anticipatory action

Nepal has a diverse portfolio of social protection programmes and humanitarian organizations are finding creative ways to use these for anticipatory action and disaster-response activities.

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Blog March 28, 2024

Lessons Learnt, Locally led, Trigger Development

How P-FIM adds value to developing protocols for anticipatory action

In the second of a two-part blog, Welthungerhilfe explains how the People First Impact Method, known as P-FIM, contributes to ensuring that protocols for anticipatory action are developed through a …

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Blog March 23, 2024


A new head for the Anticipation Hub

Alessandra Gilotta recently assumed the role of head of the Anticipation Hub. In this interview, she tells us a little about her experience in the humanitarian sector and her ambitions for this new …

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Blog March 19, 2024

Early Action, Lessons Learnt, Trigger Development

Integrating anticipatory action into contingency plans: lessons from Somaliland

The Somali Red Crescent Society recently developed a contingency plan that integrated anticipatory action. This blog shares some of the lessons and challenges from this process.

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Blog March 07, 2024

Reflecting on the journey: a farewell message from the Head of the Anticipation Hub

A farewell message from Kara Siahaan, Head of the Anticipation Hub, who is leaving the Anticipation Hub after building and shaping the initiative for the last three years.

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News May 13, 2024


Building resilience against disasters: integrating care for non-communicable diseases into anticipatory action frameworks for Nepal's …

A new project in Nepal aims to develop innovative ways of incorporating care for non-communicable diseases within anticipatory action systems, enhancing the resilience of people living with these …

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News May 13, 2024

Dialogue Platform

Ecuador avanza en su hoja de ruta para la integración de la Acción Anticipatoria

Más de 130 personas se reunieron en la primera Plataforma Nacional de Diálogo de Ecuador, con el objetivo de avanzar en una hoja de ruta para la acción anticipatoria en el país.

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News May 13, 2024

Dialogue Platform

Ecuador advances with its roadmap for the integration of anticipatory action

More than 130 people gathered for Ecuador's first National Dialogue Platform, with the aim of advancing a roadmap for anticipatory action in the country.

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News May 07, 2024

Advocacy, Evidence, Lessons Learnt

The Anticipation Hub publishes its second overview of anticipatory action worldwide

The Anticipation Hub has published its second overview of anticipatory action worldwide. The report, ‘Anticipatory Action in 2023: A Global Overview’, captures the global scale of anticipatory …

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Event, News April 29, 2024

Scaling up

Training the trainers in Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Technical Working Group on Anticipatory Action recently led a three-day course on 'Anticipatory Action: Training of Trainers' in Bangkok, Thailand. During the training, the …

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News April 25, 2024

Early Action

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society activates its Early Action Protocol for Heatwaves in Dhaka

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society activated its Early Action Protocol (EAP) for Heatwave in Dhaka on 21 April 2024.

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News April 24, 2024

Early Action

Community cooling centres: an anticipatory approach to mitigate the effects of heat waves

Community cooling centres are an effective way to prevent or reduce the negative health impacts of severe heat, and can be set up in anticipation of extreme heat events. A new manual, developed by …

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News March 25, 2024

Other, Scaling up

The Philippines files its Declaration of a State of Imminent Disaster

The Philippines recently filed its bill for the Declaration of a State of Imminent Disaster, which will institutionalize and operationalize anticipatory action within the government sector. Set to …

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Conference, Online Conference

12th Global Dialogue Platform

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Understanding Risk Global Forum 2024 - Anticipatory Action Focus Day

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Understanding Risk Global Forum 2024 - Anticipation Hub pavilion

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Community conversation #16: anticipatory action in 2023 - a global overview

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Uganda's second National Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Action

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Third National Dialogue on Anticipatory Action: Nepal 2024

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Understanding and preparing for the predicted 2024 extreme heat season in the sahel: A collaborative approach (3/3)

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Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks 2024

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Video: The Anticipation Hub at a glance

Through the online platform you can access a library of learning resources, global map of anticipatory action initiatives, an early action database, working groups and much more to support your work on anticipatory action as a practitioner, scientist or policymaker. 

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Therefore, scaling up is not just “more”, it also means “better”.
To respond collectively in a coordinated manner, we must work together.

Jagan Chapagain Secretary General, IFRC

What is global is local somewhere and what is local is global somewhere else. For this reason, it is very important for us to actually come together and co-design, co-produce and co-implement, so we can learn from each other and also cross-fertilize ideas and solutions.

Dr. Halima Saado Abdillahi Head of Research and Learning, International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (ICHA) and Kenya Red Cross

Better anticipation allows us to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly volatile climate, connecting scientific information to practical action on the ground.

Professor Maarten van Aalst Director of the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Anticipatory action has tremendous potential to increase the efficiency of life-saving interventions and protect the most vulnerable. This is especially true for women and girls who often face some of the most severe risks. Through well-targeted anticipatory approaches, we can better empower women and girls to face crises on their own terms.

Lisa Carty Director, Humanitarian Financing & Resource Mobilization Division, OCHA

Anticipatory actions are the bright spots in a bleak humanitarian outlook. If we manage to move more in that direction, we will get a response that is faster, cheaper, and more dignified. One that protects hard-won development gains.

Mark Lowcock Emergency Relief Coordinator

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The Anticipation Hub aims to share knowledge and experiences to jointly enhance and scale up anticipatory action globally.

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In expanding the use of anticipatory action to address more risks, be applicable in more contexts and strengthen overall disaster risk financing approaches, experts and practitioners are engaging in multi-disciplinary collaboration to enable anticipatory action to be applied where and when it is needed using adapted tools, innovative solutions and new ways of working.

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