The 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform takes place in June

The 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action is happening in two parts this year, with the first meeting in Kathmandu in June.

How anticipatory action works in practice

Drawing on country case studies, six new briefings from the Anticipation Hub explore different aspects of how anticipatory action works in practice.

A new report on the global scale of anticipatory action

A new report by the Anticipation Hub presents the global scale of anticipatory action.

Experience the new global map on anticipatory action

Together with the overview report we are happy to launch the new global map, giving you interactive access to dive deep and work with the data of the report.

Get ready for the 6th Africa Dialogue Platform

From 4 to 6 July 2023 we will meet in Johannesburg and online. Register now to save your spot!


Early Warning System, Evidence, Science

Are we stating the facts? Tracing the origins of early warning statistics

Statistics can take on a life of their own, often being repackaged and rephrased so many times it is almost impossible to trace them back to their original source. In this blog, Dr Liz Stephens …

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Blog, Manual / Guideline April 18, 2023

Scaling up

New guidance on planning and monitoring country capacity strengthening for anticipatory action

A new guidance document suggests the essential requirements to establish an anticipatory action mechanism that works reliably, sustainably and at scale. It also provides a simple tool for planning …

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Blog March 10, 2023

Listening to those in crisis: understanding perspectives on anticipatory action in Somalia

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Blog March 07, 2023

Early Warning System, Gender & Inclusion

Gender in early warning and early action: why do we still need to talk about it?

Gendered inequalities show up as barriers and challenges across all areas of early-warning systems and forecast-based early actions. This blog examines some of the ways to overcome these and ensure …

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Blog March 01, 2023

Early Action, Trigger Development

Sudan: how to develop a trigger for flooding

The people in Sudan continue to suffer from the effects of flooding. That´s why the GRC supports the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to introduce Forecast-based Financing (FbF) in the country.

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Blog February 10, 2023

Scaling up

Pathways towards anticipatory action in Pacific Island countries

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Blog February 09, 2023

Dialogue Platform, Food Insecurity

Coordination, localization and funding: three steps towards better anticipatory humanitarian action

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Blog January 18, 2023

Dialogue Platform, Future leaders

Perspectivas de la Red de Líderes del Futuro: 4ª Plataforma de Diálogo Regional en América Latina y el Caribe sobre Acción Anticipada

La 4ª Plataforma de Diálogo Regional de América Latina y el Caribe exploró el tema "Ampliación e integración en los sistemas de gestión del riesgo de desastres". En este blog, dos miembros de la Red …

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Emerging Topics, Scaling up

The Red Cross promotes anticipatory action for migration in Central America and Mexico

At an event to discuss anticipatory action for migration, more than 40 specialists discussed how this approach can provide humanitarian assistance to, and protection for, migrants.

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Emerging Topics, Scaling up

Cruz Roja promoverá acciones anticipatorias ante flujos de movilidad humana en Centroamérica y México

Las Sociedades Nacionales se reunieron del 10 al 13 de mayo en Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Participaron más de 40 especialistas representando 6 Sociedades Nacionales.

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Scaling up, WASH

Sociedades Nacionales de la Cruz Roja anuncian el lanzamiento del WaSH Hub en Centroamérica

Más de 40 representantes de países centroamericanos participaron en el lanzamiento del nuevo WaSH Hub en Centroamérica, celebrado en Ciudad de Guatemala en abril.

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Scaling up, WASH

National Red Cross Societies announce the launch of the WaSH Hub in Central America

More than 40 representatives from Central American countries took part in the launch of the new regional WaSH Hub, held in Guatemala City in April.

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Early Action, Lessons Learnt, Science, Trigger Development, Urban

New briefings examine how anticipatory action works in practice

Six new briefings, published by the Anticipation Hub, explore different elements of how anticipatory action works in practice. Written by Yolanda Clatworthy, formerly of the Red Cross Red Crescent …

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Event, News

Dialogue Platform

The 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform takes place in June

The 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action will take place in Kathmandu from 13 to 15 June. Drawing inspiration from Nepal’s famous mountain ranges, the theme for …

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News, Report


A new report presents the scale of anticipatory action worldwide

Anticipatory Action in 2022: A Global Overview, a new report by the Anticipation Hub, presents the global scale of anticipatory action.

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A new online course about anticipatory action

The IFRC has launched a new online course on anticipatory action. This covers essential competencies such as risk assessment, developing early action protocols and financing for anticipatory action. …

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Conference, Online Conference

11th Global Dialogue Platform

Monday, 9th of October 2023 to Friday, 13th of October 2023


Berlin, Germany; Humboldt Carré conference centre, Berlin

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Conference, Online Conference

6th Africa Dialogue Platform

Tuesday, 4th of July 2023 to Thursday, 6th of July 2023


Johannesburg; To be confirmed

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Community conversation #12: Highlights from the 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform

Wednesday, 28th of June 2023; 10:00 - 11:30 CEST Show event details

Community conversation #11: Digesting the Anticipation Hub's global overview report

Monday, 19th of June 2023; 13:00 - 14:00 CEST Show event details

7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform

Tuesday, 13th of June 2023 to Thursday, 15th of June 2023


Kathmandu, Nepal; To be confirmed

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Want to talk about drought? - e-learning series part eight

Thursday, 25th of May 2023; 14:00 - 15:00 CEST Show event details

Want to talk about drought? - e-learning series part seven

Thursday, 11th of May 2023; 14:00 - 15:00 CEST Show event details

Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks 2023

Monday, 17th of April 2023 to Friday, 28th of April 2023


Hybrid formate

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Video: The Anticipation Hub at a glance

Through the online platform you can access a library of learning resources, global map of anticipatory action initiatives, an early action database, working groups and much more to support your work on anticipatory action as a practitioner, scientist or policymaker. 

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Therefore, scaling up is not just “more”, it also means “better”.
To respond collectively in a coordinated manner, we must work together.

Jagan Chapagain Secretary General, IFRC

What is global is local somewhere and what is local is global somewhere else. For this reason, it is very important for us to actually come together and co-design, co-produce and co-implement, so we can learn from each other and also cross-fertilize ideas and solutions.

Dr. Halima Saado Abdillahi Head of Research and Learning, International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (ICHA) and Kenya Red Cross

Better anticipation allows us to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly volatile climate, connecting scientific information to practical action on the ground.

Professor Maarten van Aalst Director of the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Anticipatory action has tremendous potential to increase the efficiency of life-saving interventions and protect the most vulnerable. This is especially true for women and girls who often face some of the most severe risks. Through well-targeted anticipatory approaches, we can better empower women and girls to face crises on their own terms.

Lisa Carty Director, Humanitarian Financing & Resource Mobilization Division, OCHA

Anticipatory actions are the bright spots in a bleak humanitarian outlook. If we manage to move more in that direction, we will get a response that is faster, cheaper, and more dignified. One that protects hard-won development gains.

Mark Lowcock Emergency Relief Coordinator

The Anticipation Hub in numbers

The Anticipation Hub aims to share knowledge and experiences to jointly enhance and scale up anticipatory action globally.

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In expanding the use of anticipatory action to address more risks, be applicable in more contexts and strengthen overall disaster risk financing approaches, experts and practitioners are engaging in multi-disciplinary collaboration to enable anticipatory action to be applied where and when it is needed using adapted tools, innovative solutions and new ways of working.

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