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Blog September 13, 2022

Anticipatory action with refugees and other displaced people: what needs to be considered?

Global displacement is rising, but to date, very few anticipatory action initiatives directly focus on displaced populations. This is despite the potential – and need – for anticipatory action with …

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Blog August 30, 2022

GIS & Mapping

Let’s get mappin’: building GIS capacities for anticipatory action

GIS can support many of the different phases of anticipatory action, but in many projects, staff are not familiar with the opportunities and limitations of this technology. Two training courses …

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Blog August 24, 2022

Advocacy , Networks & Conferences

Looking back at the GPDRR: building synergies between anticipatory action and DRR

The 7th GPDRR, held in May 2022, was an opportunity to build synergies between anticipatory action and disaster risk reduction. At the event, the Anticipation Hub team spoke to people from both …

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Blog August 18, 2022

Early Warning System , Forecast , Science

Fair winds for climate forecasts in Mozambique

A collaboration between WFP and the Mozambique National Institute of Meteorology is strengthening climate forecasts and seasonal monitoring, helping to build resilience in the country.

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Blog August 17, 2022

Early Action

A streamlined NGO approach to drought-induced food insecurity in Zimbabwe: voices from EAP custodians and stakeholders

In early 2020, Welthungerhilfe began to roll out its forecast-based action mechanism to tackle drought-induced food insecurity in Zimbabwe. This blog shares the views of some of the project’s …

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Blog August 03, 2022

Impact-based Forecasting

Impact-based forecasting: moving from what weather will be to what it will do for more effective disaster risk management

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Blog August 02, 2022

Lessons Learnt , M&E

Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience: key learning and resources

After six years the Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience programme comes to an end, looking back on what was achieved and what challenges still lie ahead.

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Blog August 01, 2022

Early Action , Scaling up

First national dialogue on anticipatory action held in Nepal

Earlier this year, Nepal held its first national dialogue about anticipatory action. Delegates assessed the current status of this approach in the country – and also began to shape its future.

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