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There are thematic working groups around the world supporting focused exchange across sectors and organizations on anticipatory action. Get involved! Contact the focal points of these working groups to find out more. 

Do you know of any working groups that is not listed here or have an idea for a new working group?  

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We are very happy to promote existing working groups and see how the Anticipation Hub can help initiate new working groups.  


This working group aims to collate knowledge on the benefits and opportunities Earth Observation data can provide for early action and identify opportunities for pilot projects. The group is hosted by the Anticipation Hub and welcomes contributions from other organisations working with earth observation for early action.  This working group developed as a result of a broader initiative called Earth Observation for Humanitarian Action (EO4HA). 

Read more about the working group here.


NASA Disasters programme

Australian Red Cross

Contact point:

Shanna McClain shanna.n.mcclain[at]

Veronica Bell:  vbell[at]

The Anticipatory Action in Conflict Practitioners' Group brings together practitioners and researchers working on developing further the understanding of how anticipatory action could be designed and implemented effectively in situations of conflict to reach the most vulnerable population. It is hosted by the Anticipation Hub. 

Further information about the working group can be found here.


German Red Cross

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre


Catalina Jaime

Juliane Schillinger

Kim Kristensen


The Linking Risk Financing to Anticipatory Action sectoral community is hosted by the InsuResilience Global Partnership. It seeks to accelerate the scaling up of anticipatory risk financing by unlocking synergies, facilitating community exchange and linking needs and solutions across sectors and organisations. The community is co-chaired by the Anticipation Hub and the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) Secretariat. 

Read more about the sectoral community here.


The membership includes organisations who are working on linking risk financing and anticipatory action or have strong ambitions to do so. Please get in touch with the co-chairs and InsuResilience Secretariat below for more information. 


Anticipation Hub and REAP Secretariat 


Kara Siahann:  

Ben Webster and Emma Flaherty: 

Daniel Stadtmüller and Lea Kulick:

Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEAL) Global Practitioners Working Group  

This group brings together monitoring, evaluation and research practitioners and forecast-based financing (FbF)/ anticipation project managers with a focus on evidence and learning from across the community. The group identifies and collates evidence and research priorities, discusses methodological approaches and guidance, facilitates discussion and encourages collaboration between agencies on MEAL for anticipatory action.  It is hosted by the Anticipation Hub. 

Read more about the working group here. 


Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

START Network


Clemens Gros:

Susan Njambi-Szlapka:


The Anticipation Hub Working Group on Protection, Gender, and Inclusion in Anticipatory Action seeks to accelerate the mainstreaming and integration of protective, gender-transformative, and inclusive approaches in Anticipatory Action. The Working Group will do so by fostering collaboration and community exchange, generating implementation guidance and tools, and strengthening the evidence base.

Read more here




Plan International


Audrey Oettli, Child Protection in Emergencies, IFRC

Brigitte Rudram, Climate Change and Resilience Specialist, Plan International


Many anticipatory action initiatives to date have focused on extreme climate and weather events, but there are increasing opportunities to look beyond these and act ahead of other hazards, including disease outbreaks and epidemics, which are drivers of immense human suffering and loss, with major socio-economic impacts. The Red Cross Red Crescent working group on anticipatory action and health seeks to advance the work being done on anticipating and preventing negative health outcomes within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

Read more about the working group here. 


Anticipation Hub

Climate Centre

German Red Cross.


Tilly Alcayna:

Franziska Kellerhaus:

REAP Working Groups support the delivery of the targets and advance specific thematic areas of work. REAP Working Groups and their focus areas remain flexible to the needs of the Partnership, currently four working groups are addressing the following themes: 

3Ws (Who, What Where) of Early Action

Mapping of existing early action initiatives to identify opportunities to scale up action 


Developing the REAP Marketplace to facilitate the connecting of Partner support to needs on early warning-early action 


Developing and communicating best practice for early/anticipatory action for climate-related health risks 

Early Warning Initiatives

To build coherence between existing initiatives, share learning and co-produce greater action


To know more about REAP please email

To learn more about how REAP and the Anticipation Hub collaborate - click here.

The Global FOREWARN community is a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder network of aid professionals, humanitarians, academics and risk experts. Hazard-specific open meetings are held quarterly to share learning and discuss challenges and solutions relating to early action work.

Read more here


Milli Cooper: Milli.Cooper[at]


Regional – Africa

Regional Anticipatory Action Working Group (RAAWG)

This Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) on Forecast based financing aims to promote a regional approach and platform for knowledge sharing, cooperation and peer-to-peer learning in Southern Africa. It will facilitate information sharing, coordination and joint advocacy, and help collate evidence from global initiatives, support the development of a mainstreamed anticipation agenda and align standards, while also increasing investment and political momentum to drive the ongoing shift towards anticipation. 

Membership - this WG is split into two tiers:

  1. Focuses on Red Cross Red Crescent movement
  2. Focuses on external actors including governments and technical experts. 



World Food Programme


Contact point:

Jurg wilbrink,

Anna Lena Huhn,

Quraishia Merzouk,


View the ToR here and the roadmap here.

The main purpose of the group is to meet (virtually & physically) periodically to discuss and share ongoing initiatives, lessons learned & best practices, current developments and future trends in relation to mainstreaming climate change into Red Cross/ Red Crescent programmes in the region. The group will also explore the possibilities of providing technical support to sister National Societies in the region through existing mechanisms to progress on Climate Change and resilience agenda, including support to mainstream CCA in to sectoral programmes such as Health, Shelter, WASH, Livelihood, Logistics & Supply Chain, PMER and Policies/Advocacy etc.


Red Cross Red Crescent movement and technical experts.



Climate Centre  


Bettina Koelle,

Jurg Wilbrink,

View the ToR's here.


Eastern Africa Forecast based Financing (FBF) Technical working Group

This working group supports the National Societies to develop their Early Action Protocols and to systematically integrate Forecast based Actions, preparedness, DRR and climate change actions into their programmes, policies and strategies. It also promotes collaboration and synergies among the Red Cross Partners and provides platform to discuss and share ongoing initiatives, lessons learned & best practices, on current developments and future trends in relation to mainstreaming anticipatory action. It also supports advocacy to external partners within the region.


Red Cross Red Crescent movement


IFRC East Africa Cluster  


Irene Amuron:

Jurg Wilbrink:

View ToRs here.

Africa wide Forecast based Financing (FbF) Coordination Cell group

This group facilitates coordination, promotes dialogue, joint learning and exchanges among the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement on Forecast Based Financing mechanism implementation and Early Action Protocol development. It also reviews ongoing initiatives and developments on Anticipatory Action in the region to share lesson learnt and best practices, and support policy and advocacy. The group also provides technical support to National Societies.


Red Cross Red Crescent movement, non-RCRC actors invited on a guest basis.


IFRC Africa Regional Office  

Contact point:

Phoebe Wafubwa Shikuku,

View ToRs here.

Regional - Latin America

Regional WGs on Early Action Protocols for different hazards in Latin America  

Tropical cyclones  

Droughts CA

Volcanic Ash  

Flash Floods  


German Red Cross

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre  

Contact point:

Mathieu de Strooper,


Regional - Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Technical Working Group on Anticipatory Action facilitates knowledge-sharing across the region and informs the development of coherent technical tools, training materials and joint advocacy messages.

It has four main objectives:

  1. National and regional coordination
  2. Knowledge-sharing
  3. Capacity building and training
  4. Fostering partnerships 


International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and its Partner National Societies and Reference Centres

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Contact points

Raymond Zingg, regional forecast-based financing coordinator, IFRC Asia-Pacific Regional Office

Catherine Jones, anticipatory action lead for Asia and the Pacific, FAO

Read more about the Technical Working Group here.


The National FOREWARN projects are multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder networks of aid professionals, humanitarians, academics and risk experts, organised to support early action in the way that most makes sense in the local context. 

Since 2019, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Pakistan, and the Philippines have established national FOREWARN projects. Through these projects, Start Network members can engage hazard experts in collaborative anticipation work. All National FOREWARN projects are hosted by Start Network members.

Read more about the Bangladesh project here.

Read more about FOREWARN here


Start Network members and wider stakeholders. All expert members of National FOREWARNs are also members of the global expert pool.








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