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Blog May 19, 2022

Advocacy , Evidence , Lessons Learnt

Harnessing anticipatory action to avoid or reduce disaster displacement

Anticipatory action presents a unique opportunity for humanitarian actors to reduce the likelihood of people being displaced by a disaster. To date, however, this potential has not been sufficiently …

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Blog April 01, 2022

Earth Observation

Identifying needs and opportunities for Earth observations in anticipatory action

Earth observation technologies can help to simplify, justify or improve anticipatory action programmes – and may even provide opportunities for triggers that have not yet been considered.

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: Panel discussion with Raihanul Haque Khan (RIMES Bangladesh), Antonette A. Anaban (Baguio City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, Philippines) and Faith Mitheu (University of Reading, UK)
Blog March 30, 2022

Early Action , Early Warning System

From early warning to early action: inspiring & empowering the next generation

This blog unpicks the challenges and opportunities for young professionals to support in translating early warning into early action as identified in a recent webinar by the Water Youth Network, the …

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Blog March 24, 2022


Protecting children through anticipatory action based on Household Economy Analysis

Anticipatory action is only possible when an appropriate system is in place: for using data and forecasting information, analysing risks and predicting the impacts. Household Economy Analysis is a …

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Blog March 23, 2022

Gender & Inclusion

Integrating protective, gender-transformative and inclusive approaches into anticipatory action: snapshots from Nepal

Protection, gender and inclusion are crucial to ensuring that anticipatory action does not exacerbate the vulnerabilities of the people it aims to help. Drawing on experiences in Nepal, this article …

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Blog March 18, 2022


How can we mainstream anticipatory action in disaster risk-management systems?

The anticipatory action community has limited experience of integrating this approach into national disaster risk-management systems. Recent research by the ForPAc project in Kenya identifies ways …

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Blog March 17, 2022

Cash & Voucher , Conflict

Anticipating vital issues around cash in the response to the Ukraine crisis

Conflict drives 80 per cent of all humanitarian needs globally, but anticipatory action – including cash and voucher assistance - can help to alleviate these. This article identifies four criteria …

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Blog March 16, 2022

Social Protection

Anticipatory action, shock-responsive social protection and cash transfers in ASEAN: what are we learning and where do we go next?

Anticipatory action and shock-responsive social protection are currently enjoying centre stage in humanitarian and development discussions. But what we have learned in recent years – and where do we …

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Blog March 11, 2022

Early Warning System

What does the latest climate science mean for anticipatory action?

The recent IPCC climate report focused on both impacts and solutions - and anticipatory action was one of the solutions most commonly cited. This is inspiring, but also leaves us with tough …

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Blog March 07, 2022

Early Action

Anticipatory action for cold waves in Bangladesh

Cold waves regularly hit northern Bangladesh, often with severe impacts. But they are an overlooked disaster, with few humanitarian agencies tackling the impacts. To address this, the Start Fund …

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News May 20, 2022


Anticipation Hub Statement to the GPDRR 2022

Anticipatory action is a key topic at GPDRR. Read the statement by the anticipatory action community on how to strengthen and scale up anticipatory action.

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News May 18, 2022

Dialogue Platform

Call for session proposals for the 5th Africa Dialogue Platform

The 5th Africa Dialogue Platform will take place 28-30 June 2022 in Nairobi and online. Please send your proposal, if you are interested in hosting a session!

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News May 18, 2022

Scaling up

The G7 foreign ministers issue a statement on the need to strengthen anticipatory action in humanitarian assistance

On 13 May 2022, the G7 foreign ministers issued a statement outlining their commitment to strengthening anticipatory action in humanitarian assistance.

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News May 16, 2022

Advocacy , Networks & Conferences

Anticipatory action at Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week 2022

Anticipatory action was firmly on the agenda at Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week 2022 – an encouraging sign that this approach is increasingly seen as fundamental to humanitarian work …

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News May 09, 2022

Advocacy , Evidence

A new policy brief from the Anticipation Hub explaining how anticipatory action makes a difference

This policy brief explains how anticipatory action works in practice and outlines some of its many benefits.

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News May 04, 2022

Early Action , Food Insecurity

Forecast-based financing in Somalia: kicking off a new project to act ahead of drought

Under the theme ‘Closing the gap between disaster preparedness and emergency relief’ a new project to act ahead of drought has been launched in Somalia.

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News April 29, 2022

Early Action , Gender & Inclusion

Training in inclusive, gender-responsible anticipatory action for ASEAN Member States: a call for collaborators

A training in inclusive, gender-responsible anticipatory action for ASEAN Member States is in development. Input from Anticipation Hub partners is called for!

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News April 08, 2022

Scaling up

Anticipatory action as a way to address climate risks in the Arab region

During a session at the first ever MENA Regional Climate Week, panellists discussed how partners and actors can collaborate and act to scale-up anticipatory action in the Arab region.

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Case Study April 04, 2022

Early Action , Urban

A new case study on relocating businesses as an urban early action in the Philippines

While most early actions implemented to date have been in rural environments, there are growing efforts to expand anticipatory action to urban settings. A new case study from the Philippine Red …

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News March 29, 2022


The Averted Disaster Award: recognizing successful initiatives in disaster risk management

In the field of disaster risk management, the failures are catastrophic while successes go unnoticed. The Averted Disaster Award is the world’s first prize for successful disaster mitigation …

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