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Have you some content you want to share on the Anticipation Hub website? 

The Hub is a space for everyone to contribute and share their knowledge and resources on anticipatory action.

We would love to hear from you. Please read further information below and get in touch with us directly via email (anticipation-hub@drk.deto share knowledge resources, news and events with us.

What kind of knowledge resources are we looking for?

  • Documents and publications
  • Policy, plans and strategies at the regional, national and global level
  • News and announcements (see link below)
  • Meeting and events (see link below)
  • Training courses (including webinars)
  • Academic programmes
  • Education and training materials
  • Job vacancies
  • Multimedia
  • Maps depicting relevant hazard, exposure and vulnerability

Specifically, we are looking for learning guidelines or methodologies, practical case studies/ project information, emerging topics publications and/or policy and advocacy related resources. Anticipation Hub’s knowledge base includes content that meets any of the following criteria:

  • Describes an Early Action / Anticipatory Action project/initiative that is replicable and/or scalable
  • Helps understand the concept, best practices and
  • Supports advocacy efforts of Anticipatory Action

We include academic research material if the outcomes of the research help understand the value, opportunities and challenges for practitioners and policy makers and can be understood by a non-academic audience.

Anticipation Hub’s editors review each submission to check that it meets or editorial guidelines. If a submitted item does not fit within our editorial scope, we will contact the submitter to request more information or suggest revisions if appropriate.

The opinions expressed in the content published are those of the authors. Publication on the Anticipation Hub does not imply endorsement. In the event we are alerted to any content which may be inappropriate, objectionable or fraudulent, we reserve the right to remove or edit it at any time and without prior notice.

Marius Horata

Content Manager Anticipation Hub

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Have you some news, blog posts or events you want to share on the Anticipation Hub website? 

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