Anticipatory action and cash and voucher assistance: understanding and exploring key concepts, issues, approaches and perspectives

Date & Time

Wednesday, 3rd of April 2024 11:00 UTC - Thursday, 4th of April 2024 04:00 UTC




This webinar is brought to you by CALP network.

The meeting will be held twice to accomodate different time zones. The link below will take you to the event webpage where you can register for either of the two versions:

  • Americas Friendly Time: Apr 3, 2024 09:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)
  • Asia Friendly Time: Apr 4, 2024 06:00 Universal Time UTC

Anticipatory action is a hot topic across the humanitarian sector, and the use of cash assistance as a key modality in anticipatory action means that it’s an area of increasing relevance to cash practitioners. As understanding of, and direct engagement with, anticipatory action remains variable, this first meeting of the community of practice on the topic of anticipatory action and cash and voucher assistance will focus on some of the fundamental issues and approaches. It will take the opportunity to present and explore key concepts, and introduce examples, resources and guidance, including for localized approaches and perspectives as a core consideration in anticipatory action. 

This meeting, which will hopefully provide a springboard for the community of practice, to further explore anticipatory cash, aims to cover the following:

  • Explore and clarify the fundamentals of anticipatory action: definitions and concepts, key components, etc.
  • Provide an overview of cash in anticipatory action: what is it, examples of how it has been used, key issues, etc.
  • Explore selected examples of anticipatory action in practice: funding mechanisms, activities, impacts.
  • Highlight locally led approaches to anticipatory action: introducing related guidance and experience from the ground (Madagascar).
  • Highlight community perspectives (Nigeria) on the use of cash in anticipatory action.

Proposed agenda and participants

  • Anticipation Hub/German Red Cross: Understanding the fundamentals of anticipatory action, and the use of ‘anticipatory cash.’
  • Start Network (tbc): Start Network’s experience of funding and implementing anticipatory action.
  • SAF/FJKM (Madagascar), Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, GNDR: Locally led anticipatory action – guidance and toolkit.
  • Ground Truth Solutions: Community perspectives on anticipatory action and cash (Nigeria)