Submitted by Inyoung Jang
24 Jan 2024

A roadmap for anticipatory action in Asia-Pacific

In 2023, the Asia-Pacific Technical Working Group on Anticipatory Action (TWGAA) developed a comprehensive roadmap for the Asia-Pacific region, covering 2023 to 2027. This presents the working group's five-year vision to facilitate the upscaling and normative development of the anticipatory action approach, as well as collaboration around this theme.

The roadmap was developed through extensive consultations conducted between May and July 2023, involving TWGAA members and national technical working groups on anticipatory action. It has five pillars, each of which has priority activities and proposed timelines: 

  1. Risk analysis, forecasts and triggers
  2. Identification, planning, and testing of actions
  3. Financing for anticipatory action
  4. Evidence generation, advocacy and learning
  5. Law and policy, institutionalization and coordination

The roadmap highlights the technical and strategic partnerships required to expand anticipatory action through the five pillars, in order to inspire collective work towards upscaling and the integration of the approach into disaster risk management within the Asia-Pacific region. Members of the TWGAA, along with its sub-working groups, are committed to implementing these activities and exploring collaboration opportunities with other partners or working groups in the region.

This roadmap builds upon the TWGAA’s Technical Standards in Anticipatory Action on Asia and the Pacific, as well as its 2023 mapping report