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Blog March 07, 2022

Early Action

Anticipatory action for cold waves in Bangladesh

Cold waves regularly hit northern Bangladesh, often with severe impacts. But they are an overlooked disaster, with few humanitarian agencies tackling the impacts. To address this, the Start Fund …

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Blog February 10, 2022

Early Action

The best people for the job: what local organizations do differently

This blog outlines the evidence of how a local organization is able - by virtue of being local - to provide more relevant solutions to assist communities affected by crises.

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Blog February 02, 2022

2022: the year to transform commitments on anticipatory action into practice

2021 saw increased ambition to expand and scale up this approach, to meet the needs arising from crises all over the world. There was undoubtedly progress - but now we must transform these into …

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Blog January 28, 2022

Early Action

Connecting anticipatory action and disaster risk reduction: perspectives from UNDRR

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) can act as a catalyst in supporting anticipatory action by helping to build preparedness capacity, embedded in a full-spectrum …

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Blog January 27, 2022

Gender & Inclusion

How can we make disaster risk financing more gender inclusive?

This blog shares insights from a study examining gender inclusion in disaster risk financing and the anticipatory action it facilitates.

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Blog January 27, 2022

Early Warning System, Forecast, Impact-based Forecasting

Developing an impact-based forecasting model within Nepal’s national disaster information management system: the BIPAD portal

This blog outlines the recent development of an impact-based forecasting module within the BIPAD portal - the national disaster information management system in Nepal.

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This image shows cash distribution at Kurigram 2020 flood early action.
Blog January 27, 2022

Cash & Voucher

The practitioners guide to cash early action: experiences from Bangladesh

This blog provides guidance to practitioners on cash early action based on experiences in Bangladesh.

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Anticipatory action in Mozambique.
Blog January 20, 2022

Cash & Voucher, Early Warning System

Integrating shock-responsive social protection into anticipatory action protocols ahead of a drought in Mozambique

In recent years, Mozambique has made significant advances in anticipating the occurrence of drought. This blog explains the steps taken to achieve these.

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A man is carried on a stretcher by two volunteers.
Blog January 10, 2022

Cash & Voucher, Early Action

How a simulation of early actions proved vital in the face of unseasonal floods in Nepal

In September 2021, the Nepal Red Cross Society organized a simulation exercise to test early actions for floods. This blog explains how these early actions helped to save lives and minimize the …

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This image shows submersion of crops
Blog December 09, 2021

Early Action, Early Warning System

Project launch: Application of disaster-loss data to support early warning and early action in Africa

On 8 December 2021, at the 9th Global Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), 510 – An Initiative of the Netherlands Red …

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