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Blog November 13, 2023

Early Action, Lessons Learnt

Listening to those in crisis: understanding perspectives on anticipatory action in Ethiopia

Between May and October 2021, five UN agencies provided anticipatory assistance to populations in Ethiopia to help them cope with the predicted impacts of the ongoing drought. This blog presents …

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Blog October 13, 2023

Scaling up

Pathways towards a Pacific-owned anticipatory action model

A recent report explores the entry points for anticipatory action within the Pacific region and identifies the potential barriers facing practitioners tasked with its implementation.

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Blog October 06, 2023

Early Action

Early warning early action is the hot topic – but are we doing enough to reduce long-term risk?

We have seen great progress on the early warning early action agenda. But while there is much progress to celebrate, we still have a lot to do.

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Blog September 13, 2023

Early Action, Forecast, WASH

Acción anticipatoria ante lluvias extremas en Ecuador: Entrevista con Sabina Ortiz

En agosto del 2023, la Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana activó su Plan de Acción Temprana ante Lluvias Extremas asociadas al Fenómeno de El Niño. Sabina Ortiz, Técnica Nacional en Reducción de Riesgos, de la …

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Blog September 13, 2023

Early Action, Forecast, WASH

Anticipatory action ahead of floods in Ecuador: interview with Sabina Ortiz

In August 2023, the Ecuadorian Red Cross activated its Early Action Plan for Extreme Rainfall related to the El Niño Phenomenon. Sabina Ortiz from the Ecuadorian Red Cross tells us what has been …

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Blog August 25, 2023

Early Warning System, Forecast

Anticipating floods in Sudan: the power of secondary data

The current conflict in Sudan prevents activities taking place on the ground, but the team behind the anticipatory action project in the country continue to analyse the risks and potential impacts …

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Blog August 24, 2023

Early Action, Early Warning System, Food Insecurity

From warnings to action: strengthening Karamoja's resilience to weather shocks

The ‘Strengthening shock-responsive systems in Karamoja’ project is helping communities in this region of northern Uganda to anticipate drought and prepare for the impacts.

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Blog August 14, 2023

Conflict, Food Insecurity, Livelihoods

Does anticipatory action have a role to play in ‘wicked crises’ like Somalia?

Anticipatory action projects have proved their worth when implemented ahead of short and manageable crises – but do they also have a role to play in ‘wicked crises’? This blog, from the SPARC …

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Blog August 08, 2023


Sudan: protecting civilians and alleviating the consequences of both conflict and climate change go hand in hand

By respecting international humanitarian law, it is possible to facilitate anticipatory action in the midst complex humanitarian contexts. Looking at the current situation Sudan, where the climate …

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Blog August 02, 2023

Food Insecurity

How can we anticipate food crises? Some key principles proposed by a consortium of organizations

Four key principles proposed by FAO, WFP and GNAFC for a successful operationalization of anticipatory action to curb food insecurity trends.

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