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Dialogue Platform Highlights How can we expand Anticipatory Action in Conflict Settings

This blog summarizes some key points discussed during anticipatory action and conflict sessions in the previous Dialogue Platforms.

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Blog October 12, 2021

What can Africa learn from other countries about combatting severe floods

This blog shares insights from a PhD researcher about how Africa can learn from other countries to collaboratively improve forecasting, preparation and early action ahead of flood events.

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Blog September 28, 2021

Impact-based Forecasting

Impact Based Forecasting for typhoons in the Philippines

From an initiative started by volunteers, to interagency adoption

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Women receive dignity kit
Blog September 15, 2021

Gender & Inclusion

Mitigating gender-based violence risks: how anticipatory action supports safety and access to services for women and girls

In disasters, women and children are 14 times more likely to die than men. This can be due to a range of factors. To unleash this potential, gender analyses of vulnerabilities and coping strategies …

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Blog September 14, 2021

Food Insecurity

Forecast-based financing for drought in Niger

To enhance communities’ resilience to drought, and to increase their food and nutritional security, the Niger Red Cross is implementing forecast-based financing for droughts in the Zinder region. …

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Blog September 13, 2021


Using global forecasts to support humanitarian decision making during major tropical cyclones

Tropical Cyclones (or Hurricanes as they are called in the Atlantic) are the most powerful storms on earth. They cause destruction from strong winds and coastal flooding where they make landfall and …

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Blog September 13, 2021

Getting ahead of Cholera and Putting Cholera behind

With the knowledge garnered in the last two hundred years, we should have enough tools and strategies to prevent, control, and eliminate a disease that belongs in a library, between voluminous tomes …

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Article / Blog Post September 08, 2021

Anticipatory Action and Child Protection Acting Early to Better Protect Children in Emergencies

In order to improve child protection in emergencies, the IFRC, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Centre, and the Anticipation Hub, with the support of the Child Protection Area of …

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Beneficiary Data Collection
Blog, Feasibility Study September 08, 2021

The Story of Heatwave Anticipatory Action in Dhaka Bangladesh

By applying Anticipatory Action, heatwaves could be anticipated, and early actions could be implemented before the occurrence of heatwaves to reduce their impact, human suffering, and losses. Read …

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Landslide warning in Bulgaria
Blog September 07, 2021

Warnings as Social Processes

The Warning Research Centre (WRC) and the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) at University College London, UK recently became partners of the Anticipation Hub. We look forward to …

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