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Blog December 06, 2021

Evidence, M&E

New comprehensive guidance for monitoring and evaluating anticipatory action

A publication from the World Food Programme, in collaboration with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, consolidates advice and tools for generating evidence on forecast-based action. Read …

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Blog November 29, 2021


Is anticipatory action in conflict situations compatible with humanitarian principles

This blog summarises research insights on normative challenges for providing humanitarian assistance based on forecasts of armed conflict. It is based on his MA thesis, which adds to the debate on …

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Blog November 29, 2021

Disaster Risk Financing

Better together Working across sectors to link anticipatory action and risk financing

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Blog November 25, 2021

Cash & Voucher, Evidence

Does cash assistance make a difference before floods Evidence from Bangladesh

A quantitative study on anticipatory actions taken in 2020 confirms several positive effects, but also shows some unexpected results. Read more.

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Refresher training for the regional crisis committee of Segou.
Blog November 22, 2021

Early Action

Practice makes perfect forecast-based action in Mali

As the rainy season comes to an end in the Central Sahel, it is time to take stock of the work done on forecast-based action this year. A range of different activities have been undertaken to ensure …

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Blog November 18, 2021


A step forward for anticipatory action at COP26

Across the two weeks, over 40 sessions and workshops either focused on the role of anticipatory action in tackling the impacts of climate change, or discussed this approach as part of a wider …

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Early Action, Scaling up

What scale up Disentangling the institutional enablers and barriers for early action

On 10 November 2021, at a Development and Climate Days session organised by the Anticipation Hub and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, humanitarian actors, governments, donors and others …

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Blog November 15, 2021

Compound risk

Multi-hazard risk analysis methodologies

This study is conducted in collaboration with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, and 510. A study into multi-hazard risk methodologies has been conducted as part of a project commissioned by …

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Blog November 05, 2021

Early Warning System, Forecast

The need for medium-range forecasting in early warning systems to improve risk outcomes

This blog is a summary of the article ‘Creating resilient communities with medium-range hazard warning systems’. Read more.

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Blog November 01, 2021

Impact-based Forecasting

IBF Dengue portal from emergency response to early detection and prevention

510 developed the Impact Based Forecasting (IBF) Dengue Portal in order to predict which areas are prone to dengue outbreaks and thus to mitigate their impact. Read more here.

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