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Blog March 10, 2023

Listening to those in crisis: understanding perspectives on anticipatory action in Somalia

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Blog March 07, 2023

Early Warning System, Gender & Inclusion

Gender in early warning and early action: why do we still need to talk about it?

Gendered inequalities show up as barriers and challenges across all areas of early-warning systems and forecast-based early actions. This blog examines some of the ways to overcome these and ensure …

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Blog March 01, 2023

Early Action, Trigger Development

Sudan: how to develop a trigger for flooding

The people in Sudan continue to suffer from the effects of flooding. That´s why the GRC supports the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to introduce Forecast-based Financing (FbF) in the country.

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Blog February 10, 2023

Scaling up

Pathways towards anticipatory action in Pacific Island countries

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Blog January 16, 2023

Advocacy, M&E, Other, Scaling up

A new year – and a new phase for the Anticipation Hub

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Blog November 29, 2022

Early Action

Exploring the potential for anticipatory action ahead of drought: farmers in Lao PDR have their say

In Lao PDR, FAO and its partners are using community consultations to ensure that planned anticipatory actions ahead of drought really meet people’s needs – and address the challenges they are …

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Advocacy, Disaster Risk Financing, Early Action, Evidence, Scaling up

What does success look like? Understanding the potential for proactive humanitarian action in a climate-uncertain world

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Blog October 24, 2022

Early Action, Scaling up

A new framework to improve collaboration on anticipatory action in South-East Asia

ASEAN’s Framework on Anticipatory Action in Disaster Management marks a core commitment to advancing the coherency and coordination of anticipatory action in the region.

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Blog October 21, 2022


Anticipatory action: what is the state of play for health-related applications in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement?

Most anticipatory action initiatives focus on extreme climate and weather events. There is, though, the potential to apply this approach for other types of hazard – and a recent mapping exercise …

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Blog October 18, 2022

Early Action

Flash floods in Bangladesh – and the way forward for the anticipatory action community

Bangladesh has extensive experience in acting ahead of hazards and extreme events. But when severe floods hit in June 2022, no anticipatory action protocols were implemented. This article explains …

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