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Case Study, News April 04, 2022

Early Action, Urban

A new case study on relocating businesses as an urban early action in the Philippines

While most early actions implemented to date have been in rural environments, there are growing efforts to expand anticipatory action to urban settings. A new case study from the Philippine Red …

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News March 29, 2022


The Averted Disaster Award: recognizing successful initiatives in disaster risk management

In the field of disaster risk management, the failures are catastrophic while successes go unnoticed. The Averted Disaster Award is the world’s first prize for successful disaster mitigation …

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News March 29, 2022

Early Action, Early Warning System

Stepping up support for anticipatory action in the latest WMO Bulletin

The latest edition of the WMO Bulletin captures some of the core messages relevant to early warning and early action - including an article that explores different ways to scale up support for …

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News, Report March 28, 2022

Early Action, Risk

The 'Early Action: The State of Play 2021' report is launched today

REAP's State of Play 2021 report provides a snapshot of early warning early action commitment, investment and activity over the past year. It givesdecision-makers top-line analysis that identifies …

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News March 28, 2022

New IFRC communications resources help to explain anticipatory action

The IFRC has developed a suite of communications resources to help explain and clarify how anticipatory action works in practice. Launched on World Meteorological Day 2022, these resources are now …

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Case Study, News March 18, 2022

Early Action

A new case study on anticipatory action ahead of the October 2021 floods in the Karnali River, Nepal

A new case study documents the timeline of anticipatory action ahead of riverine floods in Nepal in October 2021. It outlines the forecasting, communication and coordination processes implemented, …

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News March 16, 2022

Early Action, Forecast

A new OCHA-facilitated project to protect the most vulnerable people in Niger from drought

A new pilot project, facilitated by OCHA, will use forecasts of severe drought in Niger to trigger anticipatory action to help those most at risk.

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Event, News March 15, 2022

Early Action, Forecast

Acciones tempranas ante Sequías en Centro América se analizaron en taller regional de la Cruz Roja

Los intercambios temáticos son fundamentales para promover la construcción de lazos entre actores claves para la Anticipación ante desastres. Con el fin de identificar acciones tempranas, …

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