15 Feb 2023

The Sectoral Community on Linking Anticipatory Action to Risk Financing releases a compendium of think pieces

The Sectoral Community on Linking Anticipatory Action to Risk Financing, has released a new publication, Linking Anticipatory Action to Risk Financing: Compendium of Think Pieces. This contains than 20 contributions from experts in the humanitarian, climate and development sectors, each exploring how to link anticipatory action and risk financing. These pieces respond to a series of questions, such as: How can we move donors from supporting instruments and programmes towards financing a more integrated ‘strategy’ at the country level? How can regional risk pools better incorporate anticipatory action? How can the risk-reduction effects of anticipatory action be recognized in the design and pricing of instruments for climate and disaster risk finance and insurance?

Each think piece sets out what the author sees as the key challenges, then outlines potential solutions. The main goal of the compendium is to push for a more in-depth discussion about how anticipatory action and the various risk-financing tools can be better integrated.

The compendium is Sectoral Community’s core outcome from 2022. Each member was invited to submit a think piece that addressed one of its ten guiding questions. The Sectoral Community then met every 4-6 weeks to discuss the ideas presented, to build a joint understanding of sector- and instrument-specific processes and instruments, and to identify challenges and opportunities for a closer cross-sectoral engagement. 

The compendium is not intended as a conclusive set of recommendations; instead, it seeks to inspire future discussions. It will also inform the Sectoral Community’s activities in 2023. Suggestions on the ways forward include, among others: ideas to improve coordination within and across donors and development agencies; recommendations for sovereign risk pools to enable ex-ante payouts and which serve local needs better; and propositions to reward the implementation of anticipatory action.

The Sectoral Community on Linking Anticipatory Action to Risk Financing is hosted by the Anticipation Hub, the InsuResilience Global Partnership and the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership. If you would like to join, please contact Nikolas Scherer (Anticipation Hub), Emma Flaherty (REAP) or Lea Kulick (InsuResilience Global Partnership).