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News June 26, 2022

Scaling up

German FFO publishes review on its approach to anticipatory action

In April, the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) published a review on its approach to anticipatory humanitarian action, assessing its role and areas of improvement.

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News June 22, 2022

Advocacy, Scaling up

Red Cross Red Crescent Movement commits to scale up anticipatory action

Today, as part of the 2022 Council of the Delegates, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement adopted a resolution (“Strengthening anticipatory action in the Movement: Our way forward”) in which it …

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News June 21, 2022

Early Action, Earth Observation, Evidence, Forecast, M&E

Call for papers: the whole anticipatory action community can learn from your experience

The Anticipation Hub is among the guest editors of a special issue of Hydrology Research and invites the anticipatory action community to share their knowledge.

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News June 15, 2022

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Food Insecurity

Niger activates its EAP for Drought to help tackle food insecurity

Niger recently activated its Early Action Protocol for Drought to help tackle a severe food insecurity crisis. But the causes of this crisis are more complex than just low rainfall; conflict, rising …

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News June 01, 2022

Dialogue Platform

5th Africa Dialogue Platform: application for in-person attendance

Apply now for in-person attendance at the 5th Africa Dialogue Platform in Nairobi

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News May 27, 2022

Disaster Risk Financing

Workshop report: anticipatory humanitarian action meets disaster risk finance

Several disaster risk financing instruments have been created in recent decades, but these are not yet linked or integrated, and often used only in silos. The 'Anticipatory humanitarian action meets …

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News May 24, 2022

Early Action, Future leaders, Scaling up

Launch of the Future Leaders Network on Early Warning Early Action

The Anticipation Hub has launched the Future Leaders Network on Early Warning Early Action to mobilize, inspire and empower future leaders and increase their capacity to scale up early action.

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News May 20, 2022


Anticipation Hub Statement to the GPDRR 2022

Anticipatory action is a key topic at GPDRR. Read the statement by the anticipatory action community on how to strengthen and scale up anticipatory action.

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