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Blog June 14, 2024

GIS & Mapping

Simulating anticipatory actions as part of disaster management: MapEx 2024

The 18th edition of MapEx was recently held in the UK. For the first time, the imagined scenario – a cyclone in Madagascar – included major anticipatory action components.

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Blog June 03, 2024

Advocacy, Scaling up

How anticipatory action links to the Grand Bargain

A session at Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week explored how the Grand Bargain could support efforts to scale up anticipatory action. In this blog, Hannes Serocki and Matthias Amling …

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Blog May 29, 2024

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Lessons Learnt

Une première activation complète d’action anticipatoire au Burundi

Les précipitations extrêmes et les inondations sont des risques dévastateurs au Burundi. En octobre 2023, des précipitations extrêmes ont été prévues pour le pays, ce qui a conduit à la première …

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Blog May 16, 2024

Early Action, Lessons Learnt

The first official anticipatory action activation in Burundi

Extreme rainfall events and flooding are devastating hazards in Burundi. In October 2023, extreme rainfall was forecast for the country, leading to the the first anticipatory action activation. This …

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Blog April 18, 2024

Early Action, Early Warning System, Impact-based Forecasting

AWARE: a digitally enabled governance platform for effective anticipatory action ahead of climate shocks

As the climate crisis worsens, at-risk countries need anticipatory action to cope with the devastating impacts. ClimBeR’s AWARE platform is helping countries including Senegal and Zambia to protect …

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Blog April 15, 2024

Early Warning System, Emerging Topics, Trigger Development

Citizens as hazard forecasters: how citizen science can strengthen anticipatory action

There is a small but growing number of examples of citizen science playing an active role in anticipatory action and early warnings. Can - and should - it play a greater role in the data used for …

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Blog April 08, 2024

Cash & Voucher, Social Protection

Linking Nepal’s social protection programmes with anticipatory action

Nepal has a diverse portfolio of social protection programmes and humanitarian organizations are finding creative ways to use these for anticipatory action and disaster-response activities.

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Blog March 28, 2024

Lessons Learnt, Locally led, Trigger Development

How P-FIM adds value to developing protocols for anticipatory action

In the second of a two-part blog, Welthungerhilfe explains how the People First Impact Method, known as P-FIM, contributes to ensuring that protocols for anticipatory action are developed through a …

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Blog March 23, 2024


A new head for the Anticipation Hub

Alessandra Gilotta recently assumed the role of head of the Anticipation Hub. In this interview, she tells us a little about her experience in the humanitarian sector and her ambitions for this new …

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Blog March 19, 2024

Early Action, Lessons Learnt, Trigger Development

Integrating anticipatory action into contingency plans: lessons from Somaliland

The Somali Red Crescent Society recently developed a contingency plan that integrated anticipatory action. This blog shares some of the lessons and challenges from this process.

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