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Report May 06, 2022

Evidence, Food Insecurity

Implementation Report on the CERF Allocation: Ethiopia, Anticipatory Action - Drought (2021)

This report summarizes the use of and results achieved by CERF funds allocated to the 2021 anticipatory action pilot addressing drought in Ethiopia. The allocation overview noted CERF’s added value …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet April 22, 2022

Advocacy, Evidence

How Anticipatory Action Makes a Difference

This policy brief, written by the Anticipation Hub, explains how anticipatory action works in practice and outlines some of its many benefits. It presents a case study of anticipatory action being …

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Case Study April 08, 2022

Early Action

Resilient Communities Acting Early to Mitigate Effects of 2020-21 Monsoon Floods in Bangladesh: Stories from the Frontline

This publication portrays stories from communities acting early ahead of floods to protect their lives, assets and livelihoods in Bangladesh. It also provides insights into how the government’s …

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Report April 07, 2022

Trigger Development

Malawi Dry Spells Anticipatory Action Trigger: Quality Assurance Review

This high-level report details the quality assurance review of the trigger used in the anticipatory action pilot implemented to mitigate impact of dry spells on vulnerable communities in Malawi. The …

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Case Study April 04, 2022

Early Action, Urban

Business relocation as an urban early action: lessons and challenges from a simulation in the Philippines

While most early actions implemented to date are set in rural environments, there are growing efforts to expand anticipatory action to urban settings. The Philippines Red Cross is among the …

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Policy Paper April 01, 2022


Enabling Anticipatory Action at Scale to Address the Challenge of the Climate Crisis - Policy Brief for G7 Countries

A call for G7 countries to scale-up anticipatory action

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Evaluation March 24, 2022

Early Action

Evaluating Locally Led Early Action Against Heatwaves in Sibi, Pakistan

In June 2021, Bright Star Development Society Balochistan were funded to assist in mitigating against the anticipated heat wave in Sibi, Pakistan. In this locally led anticipatory action response, …

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Report March 23, 2022

Early Action, Risk

Early Action: The State of Play 2021

Launched in March 2022, the Early Action: The State of Play 2021 report provides a snapshot of early warning early action commitment, investment and activity over the previous year. It gives …

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Case Study March 18, 2022

Early Action

Acting in anticipation against unseasonal floods in Nepal

This case study documents the anticipatory actions taken ahead of the October 2021 floods in the Karnali River, Nepal. These included early warning messages, the evacuation of at-risk households, …

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Report March 16, 2022

Trigger Development

Malawi Anticipatory Action: Process Learning on Trigger Development

This report assessed the assumptions underpinning the trigger developed for the anticipatory action programme in Malawi to mitigate the impact of dry-spell events on vulnerable individuals and …

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