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Report September 21, 2022

Cash & Voucher, Lessons Learnt

CERF AA Pilot Pre-crisis Survey (PCS): Final Report

This report offers findings from a pre-crisis survey conducted between September and December 2021 among at-risk communities in eight provinces of the Philippines, which were targeted for UN CERF …

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Manual / Guideline August 18, 2022

Emerging Topics, Lessons Learnt, Scaling up, Urban

Guidance note on FbF in Urban Areas - experiences and lessons

The world is urbanizing at an unprecedented rate. Today, 56.6 per cent of us – more than half of the world’s population – lives in cities, while the impacts of climate change along with limited …

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Manual / Guideline August 16, 2022

Early Action, Lessons Learnt, Scaling up

Welthungerhilfe FbA manual: Early action identification and EAP development - step-by-step guidance

This document evaluates on the different steps to take to identify early actions and develop an EAP. It answers the questions on who is involved, the level of implementation and methods to use.

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Manual / Guideline August 09, 2022

Early Action

Practical information for National Societies on forecast-based financing and funding from the DREF

The forecast-based financing methodology uses forecasts for extreme weather events, combined with risk and impact data, to identify the early actions which can be implemented in advance of a …

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Manual / Guideline August 09, 2022

Early Action

Simplified early action protocol – summary

In June 2022, the IFRC and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre developed a simplified version of the full early action protocol (EAP) process. The new model was launched to enable more …

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Report August 08, 2022

Evidence, Lessons Learnt

Somalia Anticipatory Action: Drought 2021

This report summarizes the use and results of CERF-allocated funds for the 2021 activation of the Somalia anticipatory action framework addressing drought in Somalia. The first section provides an …

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Research Report August 02, 2022

Advocacy, Evidence, Lessons Learnt

Anticipatory action in the MENA region

This report summarizes the findings of a World Food Programme (WFP)-commissioned project called ‘Research on AA in the Arab region: state of play and accelerating action’. It establishes a baseline …

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Report July 01, 2022

Impact-based Forecasting

Gaining user insights into the research-to-operational elements of Impact-based Forecasting (IbF) from within the SHEAR programme

Impact based Forecasting (IbF) is an expanding and evolving area of research within National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and the humanitarian sector...

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Report June 23, 2022


What do aid workers think about the purpose of their work? - Official Practicum Report

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Case Study June 17, 2022

Trigger Development

Forecasting Drought in Zimbabwe: Advances, Challenges, and Future Opportunities

In Zimbabwe, agricultural activities are the primary source of income for 67% of the total population residing in rural areas. Most agriculture is rain-fed, making it susceptible to drought. Climate …

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