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Evaluation August 11, 2021


WHH Rapport baseline de Forecast-based Action in Alaotra-Mangoro

L’étude de baseline fut organisée le mois de juin 2021 dans les 5 Communes d’intervention, en parallèle avec l’enregistrement des bénéficiaires au mobile money. Cette évaluation a pour double …

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Manual / Guideline August 06, 2021

Anticipatory Action Framework: Nepal Pilot (2021)

The purpose of this document is to present the framework for anticipatory action (AA) in Nepal, including the forecasting trigger (the model), the pre-agreed action plans (the delivery) and the …

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Analysis August 05, 2021

Cash & Voucher

An Independent Review of WFP’s Anticipatory Cash Transfers in Bangladesh

An impact evaluation by the Center for Disaster Protection (CDP) finds that WFP’s Forecast-based Financing programme had a substantial positive impact on the beneficiaries’ food security, asset loss …

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Case Study August 05, 2021

Cash & Voucher

Acting Before a Flood to Protect the Most Vulnerable_An Independent Review of WFPs Anticipatory Cash Transfers in Bangladesh

On July 2020, WFP Bangladesh delivered anticipatory cash transfers as early as 4 days before severe flood impact, which was 100 days earlier compared to WFP’s flood response in 2019. The study …

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Report July 29, 2021

Forecast, Scaling up

Hydromet Gap Report 2021

The Alliance for Hydromet Development recently launched the Hydromet Gap Report to track progress on closing the hydromet capacity gap. The report outlines how far we need to go to ensure all people …

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Research Report July 29, 2021

Disaster Risk Financing

Accountability to at risk communities in Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) systems (by START)

This paper was commissioned in 2020 as part of a process of improving disaster risk financing programme quality within the Start Network.

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Manual / Guideline July 29, 2021

Disaster Risk Financing

Guidance note: Accountability to at risk communities in Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) systems (by START)

This short guide explains how AAP for DRF might be applied differently than for traditional human-itarian response, with different opportunities and challenges. It then provides some practical tips …

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Analysis July 26, 2021


Conflict escalation in Marib and potential humanitarian and economic impacts: Scenario - How might conflict developments in Marib affects …

This report focuses on the (unlikely but possible) scenario in which the Houthis take full control of Marib city and governorate. It includes displacement estimates related to increased conflict …

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Report July 22, 2021

Disaster Risk Financing, Evidence, Gender & Inclusion, Lessons Learnt, Livelihoods, Risk

Discussion Brief: Climate Risk Management and Finance in Sri Lanka

A summary of key findings from workshops and stakeholder consultations conducted in Sri Lanka on climate risk, climate-induced loss and damage, risk management, and risk finance in Sri Lanka's …

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Case Study July 22, 2021

Learning from FbF in Zambia: A Case Study in Building Anticipatory Action

In order to best understand lessons learned and best practices for FbF that have emerged from the Zambian context, it is important to first situate these findings within the wider picture of the …

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