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Research Report August 02, 2022

Advocacy, Evidence, Lessons Learnt

Anticipatory action in the MENA region

This report summarizes the findings of a World Food Programme (WFP)-commissioned project called ‘Research on AA in the Arab region: state of play and accelerating action’. It establishes a baseline …

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Report July 01, 2022

Impact-based Forecasting

Gaining user insights into the research-to-operational elements of Impact-based Forecasting (IbF) from within the SHEAR programme

Impact based Forecasting (IbF) is an expanding and evolving area of research within National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and the humanitarian sector...

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Report June 23, 2022


What do aid workers think about the purpose of their work? - Official Practicum Report

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Case Study June 17, 2022

Trigger Development

Forecasting Drought in Zimbabwe: Advances, Challenges, and Future Opportunities

In Zimbabwe, agricultural activities are the primary source of income for 67% of the total population residing in rural areas. Most agriculture is rain-fed, making it susceptible to drought. Climate …

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Report May 27, 2022

Emerging Topics, Other

Anticipatory action in refugee and IDP camps: challenges, opportunities and considerations

In the past decade, the number of climate disasters and people displaced by conflict has risen globally, illustrating a pressing need to better understand how already displaced people are impacted …

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Academic papers May 23, 2022


Impact assessment on a shoestring: measuring the impacts of forecast-based financing in resource limited settings

The evidence base for impact assessments in the field of anticipatory humanitarian action is limited, contributing to a lack of consensus on what is working well - and what needs to change. This MSc …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet, Manual / Guideline May 23, 2022


Success Case Method: In-Depth Specifics for Anticipatory Action Studies

The success case method is an approach to impact assessments that is adaptable to the needs of different implementing organizations, and to different contexts. Using this method, anticipatory action …

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Report May 23, 2022

Disaster Risk Financing

Anticipatory humanitarian action meets disaster risk finance – A workshop report, MCII & Anticipation Hub 2022

This report summarizes the main outcomes of the 'Anticipatory humanitarian action meets disaster risk finance' workshop, held in Berlin, 30 March 2022, and organized by the Munich Climate Insurance …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet May 20, 2022


Anticiation Hub Statement GPDRR 2022

This statement, written by the Anticipation Hub, outlines how the anticipatory action and disaster risk reduction (DRR) communities can work in synergy to help countries achieve their targets under …

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Policy Paper May 18, 2022


Obstacles to and opportunities for anticipatory action in Somalia

This brief is the second part of a series highlighting the lessons that are emerging from a longitudinal study on anticipatory action in Somalia.

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