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Other March 04, 2023


DREF application: Cameroon - Anticipatory action for Marburg

This document summarizes the DREF allocation for anticipatory action to tackle the impacts of the Marburg virus in Cameroon.

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Other March 09, 2023

Health, WASH

DREF application: Gabon - Anticipatory actions for Marburg risk

This document summarizes the anticipatory actions to be taken in Gabon to control the spread of the Marburg virus outbreak.

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Training & Educational Material

Compound risk, Conflict

The Tumerington Case - a role-playing exercise

The Case of Eucerus in Tumerington - A role play designed to foster creative thinking around the opportunities and challenges for designing an Anticipatory Action plan in a conflict-affected …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet February 10, 2023

Emerging Topics, Forecast, Scaling up

Expanding anticipatory action to new hazards: mudflows in Central Asia

Currently, most anticipatory action plans address hydrometeorological hazards for which forecasting methodologies are well established. There are, however, efforts under way to implement …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet

Compound risk, Early Action, Health

Anticipatory action in the age of Covid-19: lessons from Cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh

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Cash & Voucher, Early Action

Anticipatory action and cash transfers for rapid-onset hazards: Practitioners’ note for field testing

This paper, by the Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group and the Asia-Pacific Technical Working Group on Anticipatory Action, aims to understand cash's relationship with anticipatory action and …

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Other December 01, 2022


Save the Children Framework for Anticipatory Action

The purpose of this framework is to create a common understanding of anticipatory action across Save the Children. It explains how anticipatory action fits within the scope of Save the Children’s …

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Case Study

Early Action

Study on the Use of Climate-related Indigenous Knowledge Systems to Support Anticipatory Action in Zimbabwe, October 2022

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is piloting the Anticipatory Action (AA) approach in Zimbabwe. AA is designed to manage climate risks by acting in anticipation of severe weather …

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Policy Paper

Advocacy, Early Action, Scaling up

Minimizing loss and damage through anticipatory action: how the climate and development community can help to bring this approach to scale

This paper looks at what role anticipatory action can play in minimizing climate-related losses and damages and what the climate and development community can do to bring this approach to scale.

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Report October 18, 2022

Early Action

Rapport de déclenchement PAP inondation

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