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News April 08, 2021

Collaboration in action! Formalizing cooperation between government agencies and humanitarian actors to accelerate anticipatory action in …

These agreements with government agencies will bring the policy makers as well as the scientists from hydro-met organizations in closer contact with practitioners in humanitarian sectors, so we can …

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News April 08, 2021


Unveiling low-cost anticipatory actions for cities

The recently launched Urban Action Kit offers possible solutions to the humanitarian community wishing to start or strengthen their urban engagement. The Kit contains a light introduction to urban …

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News April 08, 2021

Climate Centre colleagues help renowned board game designers test their upcoming game on Climate Change

The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre is supporting game designers Matteo Menapace and Matt Leacock as they design an upcoming board game entitled Daybreak, about the climate crisis. The goal: …

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News April 07, 2021

The FbF Manual is now available in Spanish and French

The FbF Practitioners Manual, a step-by-step guide for FbF implementation, which is now available not only in English but also in Spanish and French.

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News March 31, 2021

Preparing for extreme weather in the Caribbean: what role for forecast-based early action?

This scoping study and its accompanying joint work plan are intended to help development partners to enhance disaster preparedness and reduce the humanitarian and economic impacts of extreme weather …

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Meeting of the Forecast Based Financing/Action (FbF/A) Taskforce Committee of the Standing Orders on Disaster
News March 25, 2021

Government Forecast Based Financing/Action Taskforce will accelerate FbF/A in Bangladesh

The most awaited meeting of the Forecast Based Financing/Action (FbF/A) Taskforce Committee of the Standing Orders on Disaster was held on Tuesday, 15 March 2021 at the Conference Room of Department …

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International Red Cross Red Crescent workers respond to floods in Uganda, one of many countries that uses a 'forecast-based early action' program to respond to floods. Photo by International Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
News March 23, 2021

New Journal Publication Shows Paths Forward for Flood Early Action

Disconnects between forecasters and decision-makers worldwide can often result in less efficient or effective flood response. In a new paper, experts from SERVIR’s Science Coordination Office, the …

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News February 23, 2021

MoU between Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society for …

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Blog February 11, 2021

Reshaping and rethinking Anticipatory Action: learning from 2020

During the first months of 2020, all the attention was on – and rightly so – containing the spread and responding to the direct impacts of COVID19. Some of us working on designing new anticipatory …

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News February 04, 2021

Early Action

Anticipating the flood: Taking early actions at the Lower Limpopo in Mozambique

After communities in Central Mozambique have experienced the impact of Tropical Cyclone “Eloïse” just last week, significant rainfall in Mozambique’s South is leading to flooding in the Lower …

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