20 Feb 2023

The Tumerington case - a role-playing exercise

Eucerus, Tumerington. Where climate change meets conflict, displacement, politics, and humanitarian action. Fortunately, Tumerington is not a real country. It is a role play designed to foster creative thinking around the opportunities and challenges for designing an Anticipatory Action plan in a conflict-affected context.

The scenario offers an ongoing non-international armed conflict between the Eucerus Freedom Fighters and the Government of Tumerington. The exercise can be played in groups, with 11 unique “roles” available do be distributed among participants, including government, NGOs, military, civil society, Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement and UN actors. In these roles, participants will conduct a collective exercise to identify key challenges for anticipatory action, identify a functional approach and determine actions that could be beneficial in the proposed context.

Tumerington Simulation Instructions


You are an anticipatory action committee in a specific role (more on that in a minute) focused on the Eucerus region.
The committee can benefit from the Early Action Protocol in Tumerington, by way of access to funds from the country-pooled funds.
Together with other committee members you will:

  • a. Consider what key challenges you can expect.
  • b. dentify what approaches should you take into consideration in this conflict, displaced person, and environmentally compromised setting.
  • c. Determine actions that are beneficial for the Eucerus region.


Game steps:

  1. Groups choose a Committee Chair  
  2. Distribute the envelopes with all the roles  
  3. Discuss: what kind of actions and procedures will you prioritize in Eucerus?  
  4. Capture the adapted plan in the EAP


Roles in the Committee

(bold are crucial roles, italic can be added depending on number of participants)

  1. Committee Chair (elected)
  2. Tumerington Red Cross Head of Branch Eucerus (M)
  3. A Civil Society Representative from one of the worst affected communities in Eucerus (F)
  4. Provincial Disaster Risk Manager (government) (F)
  5. Civil Military Coordinator (from TAF) (M)
  6. Representative of Farmer’s Association (close to the EFF) (M)
  7. “Aid and Faith Eucerus” NGO representative (F)
  8. Head of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service
  9. Advisor from Provincial Rural Development Department from the ministry of agriculture 
  10. Officer of the Peace Building Committee (PBC)
  11. United Nations Provincial Representative (F)

If you need more information, please contact:

Catalina Jaime

Manager Climate and Conflict and Lead of Anticipatory Action in Conflict

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

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Tesse de Boer

Technical Advisor

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

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