Anticipatory Action in Conflict Settings: A Hands-on Introduction

Anticipatory action (AA) is based on acting prior to the onset of a predictable hazard and thus, minimizing or preventing the impacts of a hazard and if possible, reducing human suffering and loss. Implementing AA approaches in contexts affected by violence and armed conflict poses specific challenges. As programs and projects focused on AA gain traction across the globe, there is a need to provide informative, contextual, and applicable education on the best practice and lessons learnt in AA in conflict settings.

Based on an online training held in January 2023, on this page you will be introduced to a basic understanding of AA in conflict contexts, explore the limitations and opportunities that come about from applying AA to conflict contexts and be given the opportunity to apply your learning and receive feedback from experts in the field.

The course was originally made up of both synchronous and asynchronous learning. This learning was complemented by a variety of resources and cases that can now be explored through the recordings and additional resources available following the completion of the course. The learning is connected to the existing tools in the Anticipation Hub, such as the Forecast based Financing Manual.

Learning Goals

  • What the basic tenets are that underpin AA in conflict settings and how to differentiate between the types of AA in different contexts of conflict

  • How to apply an enhanced understanding of AA in conflict settings through a participatory team process, where learners design a practical AA intervention for a case study scenario and receive feedback from experts in the field

  • How to access and contribute to a permanent resource database on AA in conflict settings which will be used as a tool for deepening learning on the topic

  • How to critically engage with the opportunities and limitations of applying AA in conflict settings

  • How to connect with other practitioners interested in implementing programming focused on AA in conflict settings