Anticipatory Action in 2022: A Global Overview (web version)

Anticipatory action in 2022: a global overview is the first in a series of annual reports documenting how the anticipatory action sector is developing over time. This edition, which documents changes during 2022, draws on desk research to map anticipatory action frameworks and activations worldwide. The data collected was then verified and updated by organizations active in this sector.  

This report presents – for the first time – the current global scale and impact of anticipatory action. It discusses how the scope of this approach expanded in 2022 – in terms of the hazards to which it is applied, the different triggers in place, and the range of anticipatory actions being implemented. It also sets out the next steps needed for this expansion to continue in the future.

Publish Date

April 25, 2023

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PDF, 3.31 MB



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Advocacy, Evidence


Climate Centre (RCCC), FAO, German Red Cross, IFRC, OCHA, Start Network, Welthungerhilfe, WFP