20 Nov 2020

The Anticipation Hub went LIVE at the Asia Pacific Dialogue Platform!

This interactive session gave participants an opportunity to surf the Anticipation Hub online platform and provide feedback before it is officially launched on December 8th. Here are some of the highlights:

Alexandra Rüth, Head of Anticipation Hub, gave an introduction to the Anticipation Hub emphasising that:

“The Anticipation Hub is for all anticipatory action stakeholders - for everybody that wants to engage in this anticipation journey”.

She explained that the current website is being continuously updated with content from partners and will be further improved until the official launch on the 8th of December. The team decided to ‘go live’ to provide partners and other users an opportunity to get a feel for the website and help to further populate it before the launch.

As of the 19th of November, the Anticipation Hub secured 46+ partners from organisations representing the Red Cross Red Crescent Network, (i)NGOs, universities, research institutes and UN agencies - and it is growing! During the session partners had the opportunity to express their excitement to start using the Anticipation Hub.

Here is what they said:

I am so excited to see that the Anticipation Hub is a one-stop knowledge platform on anticipatory action. It creates an opportunity for everyone to share knowledge and experience, mainstream anticipation into policy, and increase networking with different stakeholders.

Niger Dilnahar Programme Policy Officer, UN World Food Programme Bangladesh

To take advantage of the technology available to us, to share the best practices among ourselves in this platform, and to improve the way we do things in the humanitarian sector make us digital humanitarians. We are all digital humanitarians, and the Anticipation Hub fits this perfectly.

Bry Damasco Country Manager - Philippines, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

We hope the Anticipation Hub will work as an umbrella organization to all actors on forecast based actions and the Hub will be used to change the world from reactive to anticipatory humanitarian actions.

Md. Salauddin Project Support Officer, Forecast based Financing (FbF) Project, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

The Anticipation Hub will be a unique platform for us to share experiences and grow.

Bipul Neupane Director, Disaster Management Department, Nepal Red Cross Society

Using an online whiteboard tool, all participants had the opportunity to surf the platform, listen to some relaxing music and provide their feedback using interactive colour-coded sticky notes! Overall there were a lot of positive sticky notes highlighting exciting aspects of the platform, for example:

  • Being able to find everything related to anticipatory action in one place (e.g. methodologies, country profiles, training resources) 
  • Using the Hub as a space to build a common voice to advocate anticipatory action
  • Providing a space to exchange information, collaborate, share experiences and showcase resources from all different organisations 

Some aspects of the online platform that could be improved were also noted during the session. Many of these are already being addressed for the official launch of the website on the 8th of December, for example:

  • Making it easier to find content (e.g. table of contents, filter-based search)
  • Early action database 
  • Missing documents

Some participants suggested the importance of having a live discussion or chat forum. This longer-term improvement is under discussion and can hopefully be included in later versions of the website. 

The Anticipation Hub team thanked everyone for their active participation in the session and invited everyone to share content and feedback on the website before the official launch on December 8th. 

Please contact the team for more details anticipation-hub@drk.de.