15 Nov 2023

Submit your data for the second edition of the Global Overview report

In April 2023, the Anticipation Hub launched the report Anticipatory Action in 2022: A Global Overview. As noted at the time, this will be an annual publication and we are now collecting data for the second edition, which will be published in April 2024. 

We are inviting all our partners, as well as those active in the anticipatory action community, to send us information about the frameworks and activations that took place during 2023, as well as the frameworks under development this year. Please follow the links below to access the relevant surveys. The deadline is 9 February 2024.

These links will remain active until early 2024, so there will still be time to submit data from activities in the final few weeks of 2023. 

Active anticipatory action frameworks in 2023 

An active framework is one that, at some point in 2023, was approved, validated (or revalidated) and was ready to be activated.  

You can submit your data about active frameworks in 2023 here.  

Anticipatory action activations in 2023 

An activation refers to any case of a framework, or similar predetermined system, being implemented, so that: (1) preagreed financing is released, based on a forecast or trigger; and (2) preagreed actions are undertaken before the hazard occurs, or before its peak impacts are felt.  

You can submit your data about activations in 2023 here. This includes activations that began in 2023 but for which the preagreed actions will continue into 2024 (i.e., for slow-onset hazards). 

Frameworks under development in 2023 

A framework under development includes situations where a framework, or the necessary components of it (e.g., triggers, actions) are being developed. Please only include cases in which:  

  • there is a firm agreement in place (e.g., a project agreement, an endorsement decision or similar) to develop a framework for a specific hazard 
  • initial discussions between key stakeholders and/or a feasibility study have been undertaken in 2023. 

You can submit your data about frameworks under development in 2023 here.

If you have any questions about the data we are collecting, then please get in touch.

Photos: The Honduran Red Cross activates its Early Action Plan for Drought Associated with El Niño in July this year. © Natalie Acosta / German Red Cross