8 Sep 2021

FbF LAC´s launches the “Anticipation Talks” podcast

An interactive space to talk about initiatives and events related to Anticipatory Action in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). That’s what "Anticipation Talks", FbF LAC’s podcast is about.

Anticipation Talks is part of the FbF regional program’s communication strategy that involves approaching different key partners in the region, in a more spontaneous and dynamic format. The podcast’s different episodes will be produced through Anchor and will be available on Spotify.

FbF LAC aims to boost the reach of its Latin American audience through podcasts in Spanish due to its "radio on demand" format, which consists of audio files uploaded on the Internet that any user can listen to via streaming or by downloading them to their device.

The program planned for 2021 includes talks on topics such as the Dialogue Platforms, conversations with strategic allies such as FAO and thematic exchanges. The first episode of the podcast is about Dialogue Platforms, face-to-face or virtual, a conversation with Hilla Wessel, Anticipation and Event Management Officer at the German Red Cross.

Click here to listen to the podcast.