20 Nov 2023

Djibouti activates its Simplified EAP for Floods to support at-risk communities

Heavy rains have battered East Africa for several weeks, leading to widespread floods across the region. To help affected communities cope with the worst impacts, the Red Crescent Society of Djibouti has activated its Simplified Early Action Protocol (EAP) for Floods. It will now receive 79,266 Swiss francs (89,600 US dollars / 82,000 euros) from the Disaster Response Emergency Fund of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), which will be used to support 2,500 people. 

Djibouti’s seasonal forecast for October to December indicated a period of heavy rainfall, related to El Niño. The weekly forecast for 14-21 November 2023 indicated a total rainfall of 50mm and above for Djibouti City and its suburbs. Based on these forecasts, the Simplified EAP for Floods was triggered on 15 November.

What is a simplified early action protocol?

Simplified EAPs are a simpler, lighter approach to anticipatory action compared to standard EAPs. For example, the triggers used to activate them are easier for National Societies to monitor. The IFRC introduced this modality in June 2022 to encourage more National Societies to act in advance of a hazard, and Djibouti was one of the first countries to develop a simplified EAP.

Anticipatory action to support at-risk communities 

The Red Crescent Society of Djibouti will undertake a range of anticipatory actions to support those most at risk from the floods. Targeted households include those at risk of displacement, those with low incomes, female- or child-headed households, as well as those with three or more children, with children under five years old, and with elderly members. 

Carried out over seven days, the early actions include: 

  • raising awareness of the forecast floods through early warning messages, including through the national media  
  • promoting good hygiene, especially to combat health issues caused by stagnating water 
  • distributing and replacing roofing materials for people to reinforce their houses. 

The notification for this activation provides further details about these actions. 

The floods have hit Djibouti and its neighbours soon after a major drought hit the region, which led to widespread hunger and food insecurity

Photo: A handwashing demonstration in Dikhil region, 2020. © Red Crescent Society of Djibouti. 

Note: this photo is not from the current activation.