Submitted by Tim Woods
14 Feb 2022

A new partner in eastern Africa

One the Anticipation Hub’s new partners, the IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC), will be hosting the GHACOF 60: Early Warning for Early Action conference this week (15-17 February).

The conference brings together climate stakeholders from across eastern Africa. It will provide individuals and organizations with an opportunity to showcase their innovations to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

ICPAC provides climate services to 11 eastern African countries. These services – such as climate forecasting, disaster risk reduction and the dissemination of climate information – aim to build resilience in a region severely affected by climate change and extreme weather.

ICPAC collaborates closely with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and other humanitarian actors in the region. For example, it facilitates connections with hydrometeorological services, and collaborates on the development of forecast-based triggers for early action. ICPAC also supports the eastern Africa working group on anticipatory action, which is developing a regional roadmap to scale up anticipatory action; more news on this will follow soon.

We are delighted that ICPAC will bring their wealth of hydrometeorological expertise, as well as their extensive regional knowledge, to the Anticipation Hub – and look forward to collaborating on many activities together.

Interested in being a partner? Find out more here.