Key facts

Hazards covered by anticipation    

Cold waves | El Niño | Floods

Anticipation partners in country    

Peruvian Red Cross | German Red Cross | Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Inform Risk Index (2022)   

Hazard and exposure: 5.1

Vulnerability: 5.0

Lack of coping capacity: 4.3

Total: 4.8 (medium)

Rank: 49

Country profile

Peru is a an upper middle-income country that spans three climatic zones, ranging from its arid coastline to the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest. These zones are economically and culturally diverse, and also exposed to different hazards.

  • Poor, small-scale herders in the Andes are threatened by extreme cold and snowfall, which threaten the health of their animals and contribute to respiratory illnesses in people.
  • In El Niño years, intense rainfall often causes flooding in coastal areas, damaging homes, infrastructure and agricultural land. This disrupts livelihoods and results in disease outbreaks and human fatalities.
  • Communities along the Amazon are at risk of slower-onset flooding that isolates communities, destroys crops and agricultural land, restricts access to clean water, and increases the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases.

Since 2015, the Peruvian Red Cross has been working to develop Early Action Protocols that protect people from these hazards. Peru is also exposed to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and landslides, all of which can put people's lives in danger and cause significant damage to infrastructure and livelihoods.


Since 2015, the Peruvian Red Cross, the German Red Cross and the Climate Centre have been working in close coordination with government entities to develop three Early Action Protocols: for cold waves and snowfall; for flooding in the Amazon; and for coastal flooding associated with El Niño.

Project Page November 26, 2020

Health, WASH

Implementing the FbF Mechanism in Perú

Since 2015 the Peruvian Red Cross, the German Red Cross, and the Climate Centre have been working in close coordination with government entities to develop three EAPs. During that time, they have …

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Blog April 15, 2024

Early Warning System, Emerging Topics, Trigger Development

Citizens as hazard forecasters: how citizen science can strengthen anticipatory action

There is a small but growing number of examples of citizen science playing an active role in anticipatory action and early warnings. Can - and should - it play a greater role in the data used for …

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Blog July 05, 2023

Forecast, Science

El Niño: FAQs for the anticipatory action community

El Niño conditions are now present and expected to strengthen in the Pacific Ocean. This blog answers some frequently asked questions about El Niño and explores what it means for the anticipatory …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet April 24, 2024

Locally led

The benefits and importance of locally led anticipatory action

This briefing, written by the Locally Led Anticipatory Action Working Group, provides examples of the benefits of locally led anticipatory action and explains its importance. It draws on evidence …

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Report September 07, 2023

Early Warning System, Lessons Learnt

Towards Effective Early Warning Systems: Impact and Lessons from Nepal and Peru

This publication shares the findings from an assessment to better understand the impact of Practical Action's people-centred early warning system programming in Nepal and Peru. The assessment showed …

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Report June 23, 2021

Forecast, Risk

Perspectivas de las partes interesadas acerca del riesgo de inundaciones y la vulnerabilidad en Perú (Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Flood Risk …

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Report June 23, 2021

Forecast, Risk

Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Flood Risk and Vulnerability in Peru

This report is part of a larger interdisciplinary initiative to evaluate the efficacy of season-ahead flood predictions, proactive management strategies, and communication efforts in disaster …

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet March 30, 2020

Factsheet Peru

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet July 03, 2017

Early Action

Forecast-based Financing: Experience in the Peruvian Amazon region - Flooding

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet November 18, 2016

Early Action

The FbF experience in high Andean communities in Peru: Cold waves and snowfall

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Briefing Sheet / Fact Sheet September 20, 2016

Early Action

Forecast-based Financing: Changing the paradigm, acting faster - El Niño in Peru

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