Key facts

Hazards covered by anticipation    

El Niño (intense rainfall) | Volcanic ash

No. of people reached by anticipation (activation)    

Red Cross: 1,000

Anticipation partners in country   

Ecuadorian Red Cross | German Red Cross | Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Inform Risk Index (2022)  

Hazard and exposure: 4.6

Vulnerability: 4.8

Lack of coping capacity: 4.0

Total: 4.5 (medium)

Rank: 61


Photo: Fernando Nunoz / IFRC

Country profile

Ecuador spans three geographically diverse climate zones: the high Andean mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the arid coastline. Each zone presents unique hazards. For example, volcanoes in the Andes erupt periodically, spewing toxic ash that compromises people’s health, kills livestock and destroys crops. Intense rainfall associated with El Niño causes flooding and landslides, which result in the loss of human life, damage to homes and infrastructure, disruption to livelihoods and economic activities, and a rise in waterborne diseases. Other hazards include earthquakes, storm surges, epidemics and drought.

Ecuador is a culturally diverse, upper middle-income country. However, highly populated urban areas, weak land-use and building codes that do not sufficiently address potential risks, and environmental degradation all contribute to the population’s high vulnerability to hazards. Over 60 per cent of the population lives in areas exposed to multiple hazards.

Ecuador has a decentralized framework for disaster risk management. Since 2017, the Ecuadorian Red Cross has been working on Early Action Protocols for volcanic ash and intense rainfall in close collaboration with these structures.


Strengthening FbF readiness in Ecuador

Since 2017, the Ecuadorian Red Cross has been working to develop Early Action Protocols (EAPs) for volcanic ashfall and intense rainfall associated with El Niño. The EAP for Volcanic Ash was activated in September 2020.

Project Page November 25, 2020

Cash & Voucher, Health, Livelihoods, WASH

Strengthening FbF Readiness in Ecuador

Since 2017 the Ecuador Red Cross Society has been working to develop protocols for volcanic ash falls and intense rainfall associated with El Niño. The protocols have been developed in close …

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News May 13, 2024

Dialogue Platform

Ecuador avanza en su hoja de ruta para la integración de la Acción Anticipatoria

Más de 130 personas se reunieron en la primera Plataforma Nacional de Diálogo de Ecuador, con el objetivo de avanzar en una hoja de ruta para la acción anticipatoria en el país.

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News May 13, 2024

Dialogue Platform

Ecuador advances with its roadmap for the integration of anticipatory action

More than 130 people gathered for Ecuador's first National Dialogue Platform, with the aim of advancing a roadmap for anticipatory action in the country.

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Blog April 15, 2024

Early Warning System, Emerging Topics, Trigger Development

Citizens as hazard forecasters: how citizen science can strengthen anticipatory action

There is a small but growing number of examples of citizen science playing an active role in anticipatory action and early warnings. Can - and should - it play a greater role in the data used for …

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News February 14, 2024

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Health, WASH

Ecuador’s EAP on Extreme Rainfall related to El Niño reaches its third trigger level

In February 2024, the third trigger in the Ecuadorian Red Cross's EAP for Extreme Rainfall related to the El Niño Phenomenon was reached. This led to a new set of anticipatory actions to support the …

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News October 11, 2023

Dialogue Platform, Gender & Inclusion

Acrobats and anticipatory action: the 11th Global Dialogue Platform begins

What’s the connection between acrobats and disasters? That was the question that many people were asking on the opening day of the 11th Global Dialogue Platform.

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Blog September 13, 2023

Early Action, Forecast, WASH

Acción anticipatoria ante lluvias extremas en Ecuador: Entrevista con Sabina Ortiz

En agosto del 2023, la Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana activó su Plan de Acción Temprana ante Lluvias Extremas asociadas al Fenómeno de El Niño. Sabina Ortiz, Técnica Nacional en Reducción de Riesgos, de la …

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Blog September 13, 2023

Early Action, Forecast, WASH

Anticipatory action ahead of floods in Ecuador: interview with Sabina Ortiz

In August 2023, the Ecuadorian Red Cross activated its Early Action Plan for Extreme Rainfall related to the El Niño Phenomenon. Sabina Ortiz from the Ecuadorian Red Cross tells us what has been …

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News August 25, 2023

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, WASH

Ecuador activates its Early Action Protocol for Floods related to El Niño

The Ecuadorian Red Cross has activated it EAP for Floods related to the El Niño Phenomenon. It will now carry out a series of early actions to families identified as being especially vulnerable to …

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Blog July 05, 2023

Forecast, Science

El Niño: FAQs for the anticipatory action community

El Niño conditions are now present and expected to strengthen in the Pacific Ocean. This blog answers some frequently asked questions about El Niño and explores what it means for the anticipatory …

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News May 04, 2023

Early Action, Lessons Learnt, Science, Trigger Development, Urban

New briefings examine how anticipatory action works in practice

Six new briefings, published by the Anticipation Hub, explore different elements of how anticipatory action works in practice. Written by Yolanda Clatworthy, formerly of the Red Cross Red Crescent …

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