Financing anticipatory action: SUFAL’s experience of tackling this from a localization perspective (7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform)

Date & Time

Monday, 21st of August 2023; 11:00 - 12:00 CEST




In this online session, the Supporting Forecast-based Action and Learning (SUFAL) project in Bangladesh will share its experiences of trying to enable financing mechanisms for anticipatory action, from the local to the national level. Representatives from the different tiers of government institutions, from local to national, will focus on how they are enabling financing for anticipatory action. This online session is being held as part of the 7th Asia-Pacific Dialogue Platform and will be led by CARE Bangladesh.

Speakers include:

  • Md. Atiqul Huq, former Director-General, Department of Disaster Management
  • Netai Chandra Dey Sarker, Director MIM, Department of Disaster Management
  • Md. Mosharof Hossain, Sweet, UP Chairman, Saghata Union of Gaibangha District

There will also be a presentation about SUFAL by Kazi Rabeya Ame, Consortium Coordinator, SUFAL.

You can read more about the SUFAL project here