29 May 2024

The Anticipation Hub’s new set of learning modules about anticipatory action

The Anticipation Hub is launching a new series of learning modules that will inform people about the anticipatory action approach. The first module will be shared in June at the Understanding Risk Global Forum 24 (UR24), which is taking place in Himeji, Japan. 

A two-tier approach to learning about anticipatory action 

The learning modules are structured into two tiers:  

  • The foundation modules offer an introduction to anticipatory action, covering everything from the fundamentals of this approach to its practical application around the world. 
  • The tier 1 modules delve more deeply into the practicalities of anticipatory action, using practical exercises and real-life scenarios to help users develop the skills needed to implement anticipatory action in their countries. 

Users can complete the modules as an online course, or through workshops led by experienced facilitators around the world. Both formats will be available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. 

“These modules have been designed to support governments and hydrometeorological organizations, both of which play a pivotal role in anticipatory action,” explains Shona McCulloch, the events and learning manager at the Anticipation Hub. “But they are also extremely relevant to anyone - practitioners, scientists, policy-makers - interested in learning more about anticipatory action, or refreshing their skills and knowledge about this approach.” 

The foundation modules will cover: 

  • What is anticipatory action? 
  • Why anticipatory action? 
  • How does anticipatory action work? 
  • How can we do it? 
  • Where has it been done? 

The tier 1 modules will cover:  

  • The groundwork for anticipatory action 
  • Defining anticipatory actions 
  • Setting up forecasts and triggers 
  • Financing and policy 
  • Working in complex contexts 

Anticipatory action at UR24 

The first learning modules will be piloted at the UR24 forum in Japan during a day focused on anticipatory action on 21 June, which is being hosted by the Anticipation Hub. As well as learning more about the learning modules, visitors will be offered a hands-on, dynamic exploration of the challenges, solutions and innovations involved in forecasting hazards and acting ahead of them. 

There will also be an anticipatory action pavilion throughout the event, where participants can interact with the Anticipation Hub through ignite talks, games and other creative activities.  

“To do anticipatory action effectively, you need to understand risk,” says Raymond Zingg, the regional coordinator for anticipatory action in Asia-Pacific at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. “By visiting our pavilion and joining our focus day, participants at UR24 will be able to find out more about the anticipatory action approach – and see how it can complement their own work towards disaster risk management.” 

For more information about the learning modules, please visit our dedicated webpage. Here you can find more details about the content of each module, and register to be alerted when new modules are launched or training opportunities arise.  

The learning modules were developed with Instituto NOW, a Brazil-based company that helps organizations to transform ideas into meaningful experiences. Several of the Anticipation Hub’s partners contributed to the conceptualization and development of the learning modules. The learning modules are being supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Graphics by Beatriz Belo and Instituto NOW.

Photo by Dino Johannes on Unsplash.