Understanding Risk Global Forum 2024 - Anticipatory Action Focus Day

Date & Time

Friday, 21st of June 2024; 09:00 - 18:00 JST


Himeji, Japan
Hyogo Prefecture




Predict to protect: anticipatory action across hazards and contexts

The Anticipatory Action Focus Day is anchored in the work of the Anticipation Hub community and provides a hands-on, dynamic exploration of the challenges, solutions and innovations involved in forecasting crises. An introduction to anticipatory action will be followed by detailed explorations of how we can generate and apply risk information to design effective actions. We aim to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among professionals through the Hub’s working groups. Join us for an interactive and engaging day and become part of the Anticipatory Action community!


09:00-12:00   Anticipatory Action Learning Modules: are you new to Anticipatory Action? We’ll get you up to speed in no time!
12:00-12:50   Artificial Intelligence & Anticipatory Action: how can we make the partnership work?
14:00-14:50   Anticipatory Action Games! Learn how Anticipatory Action works  in real life with card games and role play.
15:00-15:50   Government panel on national Anticipatory Action frameworks: a discussion on institutionalising Anticpatory Action.
16:00-17:00   Hear updates from multi-agency Working Groups on conflict, multi-risk, locally-led adaptation, PGI, and many more!

If you are attending Understanding Risk 24, please also visit our pavilion!