Welcome to the Anticipation Hub learning modules

Anticipatory action is a humanitarian approach that aims to save lives and livelihoods and reduce losses and suffering from forecastable hazards. The Anticipation Hub is developing a series of learning modules to build awareness of anticipatory action and empower practitioners to come together to implement it.

Who are these modules for?

Whether you work in government, a hydrometeorological organization, or are simply interested in learning more about anticipatory action, these modules are designed with you in mind.

What will you learn?

The Anticipation Hub learning modules are structured into two tiers: Foundations and Tier 1.

Anticipatory Action: foundations offers a concise yet comprehensive introduction to anticipatory action, explaining what it adds to existing approaches. From understanding the fundamentals to grasping practical applications, Foundations lays the groundwork for what's to come by exploring case studies from different places and contexts around the world. (1 x 5-hour module)

Anticipatory Action: Tier 1 – getting ready delves deeper into the practicalities of anticipatory action. Through practical exercises and real-life scenarios, you will begin to develop the skills needed to implement anticipatory action in cooperation with key actors and communities. (5 x 5-hour modules)

How will you learn?

The modules are available as both self-directed eLearning and facilitated workshops. Both formats will be available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

The online eLearning format is self-paced and accessible online as well as offline. It includes a variety of methodologies, such as videos, audios, readings, practical activities, case studies and real-life scenarios, quizzes, and additional resources.

The facilitated workshops use an experiential learning approach, and include case studies and real-life scenarios, as well as engaging opportunities for putting what you have learned into practice. The workshops are inclusive of different needs and provide a creative space to build relationships between key actors by learning together.

Training of trainers workshops will be delivered in all regions. These workshops will develop a community of experienced facilitators who will deliver the Anticipation Hub learning modules facilitated workshops around the world.

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