Submitted by Arielle Tozier de la Poterie
4 Apr 2022

A new case study on relocating businesses as an urban early action in the Philippines

While most early actions implemented to date have been in rural environments, there are growing efforts to expand anticipatory action to urban settings. The Philippine Red Cross is among the organizations exploring urban early actions.

A new case study outlines lessons from their simulation of relocating urban microenterprises in advance of floods. The study highlights critical challenges in the design and execution of urban early actions, including managing the competing demands for people’s time and developing effective beneficiary selection procedures.

Click here to read more about the Philippine Red Cross’ experience, and the lessons learned so far. You can learn more about other anticipatory actions in the Philippines here.

The idea of helping displaced micro-enterprises during floods, it is really wonderful for me personally because you are not only helping them continue with their economic activity but at the same time, the people affected [by floods] have sources of the basic necessities.

Government representative, Philippines
A microenterprise selling essential food and commodities. © Philippine Red Cross