Anticipatory action and cash transfers for rapid-onset hazards: Practitioners’ note for field testing

The Asia-Pacific region has been at the global forefront of the anticipatory action agenda for sudden-onset hazards such as floods and typhoons. Cash is rightly seen as a cost-efficient and timely option for providing assistance to vulnerable households over in-kind assistance as it has minimal procurement, storage, or transport issues given the short time frame for delivery. However, there are questions about the impact on the ground and the optimal ratio of cash to in-kind support. This paper, by the Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group and the Asia-Pacific Technical Working Group on Anticipatory Action, aims to understand cash's relationship with anticipatory action and provide initial answers, recognizing that more research and technical guidance are needed. Readers are encouraged to field test the assumptions outlined in this document and provide feedback for revisions and the design of new guidance materials.

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