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Blog June 29, 2021


Generating evidence on the impact of WFPs anticipatory cash transfers ahead of severe river floods in Bangladesh

Since 2015, the World Food Programme (WFP) has been collaborating closely with key government stakeholders, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre …

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Image shows how the Ecuador Red Cross provides cash to communities likely to be affected by the Sangay volcanic eruption
Blog June 28, 2021

Compound risk, Lessons Learnt

From lessons identified to lessons learned: Applying lessons from COVID-19 to FbF operations

To find out what drivers of the anticipation agenda within the Red Cross Red Crescent thought about our findings we asked Nazira Lacayo, Senior Officer for Forecast-based Action by the DREF and …

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This image shows people sitting while listening to a person
Blog June 25, 2021

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Early Warning System, Social Protection

Philippines: Simulating with Cash Early Actions & Social Protection for Flood

This blog post shares lessons from the implementation of the 2-day Forecast-based Financing (FbF) simulation exercise (simex) on 18-20 May, to test two early actions - fish harvesting from ponds and …

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This image shows two persons in storm water filled streets
Blog June 23, 2021

Compound risk, Conflict

The double afflication conflict and natural hazard the importance of tackling disaster risk admist insecurity

In six out of the past ten years, Palestine experienced extreme cold weather and/or flooding placing great pressure on housing, infrastructure, and energy services already stressed by ongoing …

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This image shows two women working on a field
Blog June 16, 2021

Cash & Voucher, Early Action, Food Insecurity

Forecast-based Action Intervention: Early Cash Distribution to address Food Insecurity in the North-East of Madagascar

This blog explains how Welthungerhilfe is using Early Cash distribution as part of their forecast-based interventions to address food insecurity in the North-East of Madagascar.

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This image shows the analytical concept of prioritizing high-risk areas
Blog May 19, 2021

OFF THE GRID: Identifying high-risk and unmapped areas in East Africa

This blog post discusses a study to identify and prioritize high-risk areas in East Africa and guide volunteer mapping efforts to map the gaps in these areas.

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The images show the flood extent in Uganda
Blog May 17, 2021

Early Action

The coproduction of the Early Action Protocol for floods in Uganda: A model of strong collaboration for the effective scale-up of FbF

To trigger effective anticipatory actions before a natural hazard hits a vulnerable community, humanitarians need clear and robust protocols. This blog describes how the Uganda Red Cross Society …

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This image shows the distribution of provided shelter materials
Blog April 28, 2021

Ethiopian Flood Trigger Simulation: Optimizing Early Action Protocols

This blog shares insights from the simulation of the flood Early Action Protocol in Ethiopia that took place from March 8th until March 12th 2021.

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