Submitted by Karen Dall (German Red Cross)
7 Apr 2021

The FbF Manual is now available in Spanish and French

What are the necessary steps for a Red Cross Red Crescent National Society and partners to implement Forecast-based Financing and develop an Early Action Protocol? How to engage stakeholders, set the trigger and select early actions?  

Find answers in the FbF Practitioners Manual, a step-by-step guide for FbF implementation, which is now available not only in English but also in Spanish and French.  

As of today, the FbF approach is implemented all over the world with projects in countries in which one of the main lingua francas is Spanish or French – and more projects are in the pipeline. So it was about time for translations of the Manual which allow for even more people to gain access to detailed FbF guidance, the knowledge, the learnings and experiences from ongoing projects. This will hopefully support the further growth of the FbF community! 

We welcome your feedback, lessons learnt or good practices in order to make the FbF Manual a real living and multilingual document. Please feel free to get in touch here.  


Thanks to Spanish and Belgium Red Cross for your translation support!   

Coming soon: FbF Manual in Arabic.