Want to talk about drought? - e-learning series part three

Date & Time

Thursday, 16th of March 2023; 14:00 - 15:00 CET




Part three of an engaging eight-part series on anticipatory action for drought within the Red Cross Red Crescent!

Drought is one of the most prominent examples of concern within the humanitarian sector - a phenomenon that builds up over time on different levels,  and affects people and livelihoods differently at different points of time. The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has built significant expertise in anticipatory action for fast-onset hazards, and is increasingly tackling drought through scoping studies and the development of early action protocols (EAPs).  Some countries have already submitted their EAPs for this hazard, while others are almost ready to do so, or at the scoping stage.

Developing Early Action Protocols (EAPs) for drought has come with specific challenges as it differs from the types of hazards generally addressed through anticipatory action, in particular around compound and complex impact profiles and a range of spatial and temporal characteristics which make existing tools difficult to apply directly.


Recognizing the increasing examples of planning anticipatory action ahead of drought within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, the lessons learned and the questions that are often asked, a new webinar series aims to showcase the current approaches, challenges and lessons learnt from projects on drought. These webinars, hosted by the Anticipation Hub, the German Red Cross and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, are specifically tailored for National Societies and partners that want to develop an EAP for drought or are currently doing so, and are looking for opportunities to exchange ideas and learn what has been done to date. In addition to technical sessions focusing on different aspects of the EAP development process, this webinar series will tackle some overarching drought-related topics, such as the role of the Movement in drought anticipatory action and climate change.

Shaped by the Climate Centre’s ‘Virtually Amazing’ techniques, this series will foster open discussions and community-building within the Anticipation Hub and promote a culture of sharing lessons candidly and building knowledge constructively.

What will we talk about?

  • The role of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in drought situations
  • Understanding drought
  • Drought forecasting and monitoring
  • Early actions for drought
  • Climate change implications for anticipatory action ahead of drought

How will it work?

The webinar series will be run virtually, bi-monthly, for eight sessions over February to May 2023, culminating in Global Drought Day on 17 June. Participants will be invited to share their stories and help contribute to the community knowledge base through collaborative note taking and a resource bank.

Find more information and session overviews under this link.