18 Nov 2020

World Disasters Report 2020

Launched on 17 November, IFRC’s World Disasters Report 2020: Come Heat or High Water shows that the countries most affected by climate-related disasters receive only a fraction of the funding that is available for climate change adaptation and thus struggle to protect people from the aggravating effects of climate change. 

Along with other comprehensive solutions, smart financing – with a focus on early warning and anticipatory action to reduce risks and prevent disasters before they happen – and risk reduction measures would both play a major role in protecting the most exposed communities. 

IFR Secretary General Jagan Chapagain said:

"Climate adaptation work can’t take a back seat while the world is preoccupied with the pandemic: the two crises have to be tackled together."

“These disasters are already on the doorstep in every country around the world. We must significantly scale up investment in climate smart actions that strengthens risk reduction and preparedness, alongside climate-smart laws and policies."

The report features a section on lessons learned and recommendations on anticipatory action. 

For the complete press release by IFRC, please click here.